Visa buy available on Binance

Hey there guys!

In case some of you didn’t notice already, I’ll just drop it.

As of yesterday, direct Visa card buy is now available on Binance.
Here’s the link so you can check it out:

Would love to know from any of you, who actually gonna do it, how much fees we are talking about, and if this new method renders useless the Coinbase-first purchase.

Thank you and greetings from quarentined Portugal! :smiley:

Interesting - do you know who eats the usual 3% transaction fee VISA and their underlings usually impose?

That transaction fee is probably to pay the VISA network usage.

For example in Portugal, if you own a restaurant or a third sector business which you allow to be paid with credit/debit card, Visa charges a fee.
Not to the customer, but the business owner. Which is why some owners only accept credit/debit payments if you reach a certain amount of € in the purchase, for instance 5€.

In my personnal experience with bank SEPA transfer to Coinbase, I have no fees charged by either the bank or the exchange.

Although they charged me, in numbers, 2.25€ on the 20€ ETH I bought, and subsequent transfer to Binance. (1.49€ for the buy, 0.76€ for the transfer)

So in my case, if I could save, let’s say, the 0,76€ of the transfer, I would become a happier human being! :stuck_out_tongue:

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