VPN needed when using Daedalus wallet

Hi, Is a VPN recommended to create and use the Daedalus wallet?


specifically to Daedalus - no. To add an extra level of security/privacy in these days - yes


Ok thanks!

I can recommend this list of top 10. compare the features, it will help you.

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Hi, as Adafans_o said there are no vpn specifically to Daedalus, you just need a good VPN. I use nordvpn, it`s quite stable and reliable, I can say that I like it. You should read the review https://topvpnchoice.com/ and check out if it fits for using with Daedalus.


Pretty much every VPN with an encryption will work in your case since there’s no special or specific option. You can however, use a dedicated IP to further secure your transactions but I would say that would be a bit of a stretch. You can still read up more about the dedicate IP and how it works if you feel like :confused:

Thanks for the recommendation. i am not using NORD, I use ivacy vpn which is providing NAR Firewall and Dedicated IP for additional security and privacy. Will it work?
Can you plz check this review https://www.trustpilot.com/review/ivacy.com

For security point of view, Expressvpn is far better option as it offers some key privacy enriched features like port-blocking. Other privacy protection features include Best-in-class 256-bit AES encryption, no activity logs, no connection logs, IP address masking etc
I advice to do some research first and get some insights about expressvpn here https://www.criticthoughts.com/vpn/expressvpn-review/

To add another level of security and privacy use the best Popcorn time vpn

I’ve been using Express VPN for a while now - no complaints :slight_smile:

I will recommend about TigerVPN recently read complete review here: https://www.reviewsdir.com/tigervpn-review/ That’s why I suggest using TigerVPN the prices its offering is far better than other VPN providers.

I have noticed that I can not connect while using VPN. Wallet sticks on “Connecting to Network” which it never does. As soon as I drop the VPN, there it is.


PS I have had to completely re-synch 4 times since the upgrade. Not 100% sure if through the VPN or not …

I have used a number of VPN services but ivacy vpn is great. I use it to unblock Netflix on Apple TV and watch the American Netflix with a Netflix VPN.

IOHK fixed the wallet VPN issue, download the latest version of Daedalus, it will fix it.

Unfortunately, the VPN issue has returned.

I have the newest version Daedalus Mainnet 1.1.0 and my wallet will not sync unless I turn my VPN off.

Tried everything before that until I saw this thread (who would think the VPN would be the issue?) I turn the VPN off (Avast VPN), open the wallet and it works.

Please raise a seperate topic, you’re reporting to an issue on a completely different codebase - and for something that’s more network/DNS dependent.

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