Wallet Dadalus

You can simply restore your wallet in any other wallet software, your funds arent locked up in Daedalus :slight_smile:

out of nowhere same issue with me​:grimacing: stuck on 99.82% it was working fine for few weeks after adjusting my swapfile what alexd told me to do now i realy think this 8gb is way too small for daedalus to run smooth have to switch asap to 16gb i guess​:man_shrugging::man_facepalming:

Did u upgraded the daedalus? The new version is using less resources

hey man alex :+1: upgrade to 4.6.0 you mean friend :thinking:

every 10min connection lost then i direct reload it same thing every 10/15min

going to switch off the computer now bit tired of 2 day running the wallet :rofl::sweat_smile::laughing::grin:


It took me two days before it worked. Make sure your c disk isn’t full. If it is, you can use the mklink command and use an external drive.

@omidcrypto : I think it’s better to use another light wallet such as Yoroi, AdaLite or ccvault.io , instead of Daedalus if you are have problem with your computer.

You can use your 24-words seed phrase and restore it on Yoroi or other wallet, like what @Zyroxa inform above.

Hope it helps :coffee:


sure i know the light stuff out there,but now soo used to old daddy deadalus full heavy node yup its have become a big boy now if i compare it back to 2017 couple of min like 5 sync was done :laughing::sweat_smile::rofl::joy::grin:

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thankyou :pray:

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e[31m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.DnsSubscription:Error:483]e[0m [2022-01-08 09:43:36.00 UTC] Domain: "relays-new.cardano-mainnet.iohk.io" Application Exception: SubscriberError {seType = SubscriberWorkerCancelled, seMessage = "SubscriptionWorker exiting", seStack = []}
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.ChainDB:Notice:25]e[0m [2022-01-08 09:43:38.19 UTC] Chain extended, new tip: 90daa44f4fdc2e29f0545e2c9ae9e003565dfa9179242fb3bf8e8d5cfb64ce71 at slot 43795350
e[34m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.DiffusionInitializationTracer:Info:18]e[0m [2022-01-08 09:43:38.55 UTC] DiffusionErrored AsyncCancelled
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.networkMagic:Notice:3]e[0m [2022-01-08 10:33:50.45 UTC] NetworkMagic 764824073
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.protocol:Notice:3]e[0m [2022-01-08 10:33:50.45 UTC] Byron; Shelley
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.version:Notice:3]e[0m [2022-01-08 10:33:50.45 UTC] 1.30.1
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.commit:Notice:3]e[0m [2022-01-08 10:33:50.45 UTC] 0fb43f4e3da8b225f4f86557aed90a183981a64f
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.nodeStartTime:Notice:3]e[0m [2022-01-08 10:33:50.45 UTC] 2022-01-08 10:33:50.4506897 UTC
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.systemStartTime:Notice:3]e[0m [2022-01-08 10:33:50.45 UTC] 2017-09-23 21:44:51 UTC
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.slotLengthByron:Notice:3]e[0m [2022-01-08 10:33:50.45 UTC] 20s
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.epochLengthByron:Notice:3]e[0m [2022-01-08 10:33:50.45 UTC] 21600
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.slotLengthShelley:Notice:3]e[0m [2022-01-08 10:33:50.45 UTC] 1s
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.epochLengthShelley:Notice:3]e[0m [2022-01-08 10:33:50.45 UTC] 432000
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.slotsPerKESPeriodShelley:Notice:3]e[0m [2022-01-08 10:33:50.45 UTC] 129600
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.slotLengthAllegra:Notice:3]e[0m [2022-01-08 10:33:50.45 UTC] 1s
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.epochLengthAllegra:Notice:3]e[0m [2022-01-08 10:33:50.45 UTC] 432000
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.slotsPerKESPeriodAllegra:Notice:3]e[0m [2022-01-08 10:33:50.45 UTC] 129600
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.slotLengthMary:Notice:3]e[0m [2022-01-08 10:33:50.45 UTC] 1s
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.epochLengthMary:Notice:3]e[0m [2022-01-08 10:33:50.45 UTC] 432000
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.slotsPerKESPeriodMary:Notice:3]e[0m [2022-01-08 10:33:50.45 UTC] 129600
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.slotLengthAlonzo:Notice:3]e[0m [2022-01-08 10:33:50.45 UTC] 1s
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.epochLengthAlonzo:Notice:3]e[0m [2022-01-08 10:33:50.45 UTC] 432000
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.basicInfo.slotsPerKESPeriodAlonzo:Notice:3]e[0m [2022-01-08 10:33:50.45 UTC] 129600
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.addresses:Notice:3]e[0m [2022-01-08 10:33:50.45 UTC] [SocketInfo,SocketInfo [::1]:53170]
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.diffusion-mode:Notice:3]e[0m [2022-01-08 10:33:50.45 UTC] InitiatorAndResponderDiffusionMode
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.dns-producers:Notice:3]e[0m [2022-01-08 10:33:50.45 UTC] [DnsSubscriptionTarget {dstDomain = "relays-new.cardano-mainnet.iohk.io", dstPort = 3001, dstValency = 1}]
e[35m[DESKTOP-:cardano.node.ip-producers:Notice:3]e[0m [2022-01-08 10:33:50.45 UTC] IPSubscriptionTarget {ispIps = [], ispValency = 0}

Sorry I could not send a message yesterday, do you notice anything from this file?

No, just look at ”My computer” and see ihow much space you have. This is particulalrly important if you have a SSD since they can’t store too much. If the bar is red, you have a problem


I had 16 gigs of free space when it reached 95%

Sorry, I don’t see anything in the provided log. Btw is that connection loss permanent after reaching 95% or does it occasionally connect and pull new data?

with me after connection lost few min later it automatic makes connection and pull some data i think every 10min same happens over and over again :man_shrugging: now went from 99.70% to now 99.95% sync third day of sync guys :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

If the connection is not constantly down then maybe some temporary networking problems with the relays-new.cardano-mainnet.iohk.io servers as many pull data from there (Daedalus wallets, other relays). Maybe other people using Daedalus can comment if this is happening to them as well.

hmmm that means a big pile of traffic everyone wants to get their data pulled out😎

Not everyone :wink:

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let me get mine first sir😜