Wallet recovery based on founded 104 chars lenght ascii string

Some time a go, breefly experimenting with cardano, install daedalus, get some little amount of cardano ada and than leave my crypto activities. HDD gone since this time.

Now want to restart my crypto activities, install daedalus again and unsuccessfully look for peace of paper with writen access words. Only found string of 104 ascii characters with my note ‘ada’, but have no idea what it could be. Is it possible get access to cryptocurency with such code (and possible some of remembered password)?

It’s starting with DdzFF … then this is the wallet address which can be verified on cardanoscan.io if the funds are there

you will need to find the 12 seed words like : word1 word2 word3… etc,

Since your hardware gone, I think you can’t use the import option (because u don’t have the secret.key file anymore)

Yes it is beginning with DdzFF so it is probably wallet address. but I have found ancient installation of Daedalus on my windows virtual machine. It is on Windows 7 32bit and it refuse to start with error msg “Network connection lost - reconnecting”. As the newer version of Daedalus does not supported Win7, is there any chance to move Daedalus setting to another machine with fresh version install. I still miss the paper with access words…

Try to locate the secret.key first and then try to import the file to the new daedalus version