Wallet restore & wallet address[es]:


I would like to ask, if is possible to find out / track down Wallet Address from transactions?

My story - I´m using Yoroi mobile and I forgot spending password. Never used since creating in January.
Now I wanted transfer ADA, not possible without SP.
So I deleted my wallet and restored by 15 word phrase. Mobile app allows only Byron Era. But after restoring there is zero balance and no transaction history.
Based on advices and instructions I found in several discussions, I installed Yoroi Chrome Browser enabling also Shelley Era, still same result - 0 balance and no trading history.

During restoration there was warning

  • “make sure addresses match what you remember”
  • “if you entered wrong mnemonic…you will just open empty wallet with wrong checksum and wrong address”

According 0 balance, I had to enter wrong phrase - not possible, I have only one 15 word phrase
Is it possible to match addresses? To check second point of warning?

Restoration shows me following addressADA - Výstřižek

I know, due to protection, new addresses are generated automatically once you use them. So as soon I will transfer any amount to above mentioned address (Ae2tdPwUPEYxUQ82kc39SLybQz5cLi8tiLbcUHoKuhHkFfcuqzVT2q7VBD1), it will change. Right?

How I can sync my wallet with past transactions/addresses?

I made 2 transactions in past:
3.2.2020 from Bitpanda to Yoroi mobile: https://adascan.net/address/Ae2tdPwUPEZLHEMCiHk5FRv87i9ZqapbeMZJu3gBoMc6wz2DchNzgSFCQWC/
8.2.202 from Binance to Yoroi mobile: https://adascan.net/address/Ae2tdPwUPEZMKbmJf2dcQSKvANiruE9CuN6bfSqxMAnZ9NXU82TBMWa38t8/

Or is it possible to track my wallet address on blockchain and somehow restore the specific address by using 15 word phrase?

Thank you very much in advance for help and comments

Think about it , addresses are trackable on blockchain. If you were able to (you cannot , but hypothetically) restore wallet from address - the security would go for a toss, as then anyone could have access to that wallet :slight_smile:

About the second point, no it is not possible to trace one address from the other. Only thing that can come handy for such cases is if you remember the account checksum OR the wallet address that it showed before.

Coming to your query, no trading history does point to an empty wallet - and we have had a lot of cases where users think (they’re always 100% sure for days - and adamant) they’re using the right mnemonics, but they’re not. Often it comes out to be - “ah , I forgot I had two phrases” OR “I missed one word that looked similar but wasnt , eg: derive vs drive”

To be double sure, you can carefully type your mnemonics in https://adalite.io to ascertain yourself that it shows an empty wallet with no transactions too.

All the best! I can imagine its painful to know, but hopefully you find out its just order of a word or word that looks similar but isnt :slight_smile:

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thank you for answer :slight_smile:

Yes, I thought secure is provided by combination of address (60 symbols) + 15 word phrase.
So even I know address I need to know all words in specific order and vice versa, to be able to access wallet.

On purpose I tried to create new wallet on Yoroi mobile to see if there will be displayed account checksum or some wallet address.
There was first screen with wallet name and spending password
Second screen with 15 word phrase
Third to rewrite all words in correct order
Fourth final screen:IMG_4934

No sign for account checksum or some wallet address :confused:
Where I could find it?

Only addresses I saw in app where the two I used for transactions (mentioned above)
And as you mentioned even this info is useless.

I´m aware, mnemonic is not possible to restore
Seems also spending password is not possible to restore by e-mail/phone number verification.
So my wallet was actually kind of Schrödinger’s cat - ADA was there, but I wasn´t able to to deal with them…

I have 2x 12-word phrase (Exodus waller and Pitpanda on mobile) of course I tried to also to insert them. Suprisingly phrase was too short :wink:
And only 1x 15 word phrase to Yoroi

OK, I will try Adalite and then to figure it out, what other words could look similar.
Short password won´t let me go through; typo is out of game, there is whisperer filling in the words

Hi, I’m having the same issue. I deleted the Yoroi wallet app on phone and reinstalled it. I restored my wallet and now have a zero Ada balance.

I am positive that my 15 word phrase is correct because I entered a wrong word intentionally just to see what would happen and it generated an error and didn’t allow me to go further until I corrected the word.

Have you found a solution?

unfortunately no progress and as you see, nobody even answered my question, how to get checksum on Mobile version :frowning_face:

Because I wasn´t able to increase my assets back on Binance in September - since it seems all my tens of thousands ADA were lost when I deleted mobile wallet, because I forgot spending password needed to transfer; and the only 15 word phrase I have is not working, so I wasn´t able to restore wallet - I´ve been liquidated on Binance and I´m not in crypto anymore.