Wallet upgrade

I just updated my wallet on Windows 10, it installed but does not execute. I get this in my screen.

If you can’t open this file it basically says:

Key “STATE PATH” Not present
Call stack (from HasCall stack):
Error called at src\debug.hr:43:11in

I’m presently downloading the wallet on another and much older computer. How I got that to work is beyond my comprehension. I got lucky! Basically, though, it was windows 7, I think, but I had to go through the download files and open the application. It does not work when I hit the icon. Same for the other computer. I assume my ability to write 12 seed words twice remains intact. Nevertheless, I would like to be able to use the wallet on my first and dedicated crypto computer only. Assistance in any matter would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Sorry you’re having this trouble but please note this is Community Technical Support, we cannot interpret such information, you should contact official support via this page: https://daedaluswallet.io/faq/