What Yoroi ? sorry…What do you mean restoring my Daedalus into Yoroi? How would I do that?


Download and install Yoroi, create wallet, click on Daedalus icon to transfer contents of Daedalus wallet to Yoroi wallet using 12 word seed phrase.


Rob, I just want to make sure. On the part that wants you to choose between a new wallet or restore wallet from a backup, and then use my 12 word phrase, which one do I click on?EmojiEmoji Is that going to restore my old coins?

When I restore my old coins, can I send them to my Daedalus wallet? Do i have to send my coins that I have on my Daedalus wallet, to the Yoroi wallet ? Can I send my old coins to my Daedalus wallet? I like my Daedalus wallet nowEmoji

Yoroi wallet allow staking?

Sorry, for so many questions…Emoji


You create a new wallet in Yoroi, then transfer your coins into it from the Daedalus wallet using the 12 words. Wallets can be restored only using the same software that created them. Coins cannot and need not be restored, they always exist on the blockchain, but they can be transferred between wallets.

When you have your coins in the new Yoroi wallet you can keep them there or send them to a Daedalus wallet (or elsewhere of course).

I believe the Yoroi wallet will eventually allow staking.


Oh, I am having great fun restoring my wallet. I have a Mac and it’s working since two and a half days with node crashes, node syncing, losing network connection and so on. Daedalus 0.12.0 build 3788 is now running and a backup has been initiated an hour ago. Now I see that restoring will take approximately nearly 2 days. I’m close to becoming a minotaur :frowning:
Should I try this light wallet yoroi? Update now: restoring about 1 day.
Thank you in advance, Wolfgang


OMG!! now for some reason my 12 recovery phrases are not working, when they worked before…:frowning: Now, what should I do?


    January 1


Has 3104 coins in it, from 2 transactions.


So much confusion here .


“wallet restoration is in progress” 여기서 더 진행되지 않는 경우 어떻게 하나요? 해결책이 없나요?