What do you think the 2018 USD low will be for ADA?


I really like the gamin use case. I’ve seen this in many discussions. Seems like gambling is always brought up as well as gaming (Apple App) like. App like, there already is a use case in place for that and how would large scale adoption occur against the App Store for example? They vet all apps and have a sticky ecosystem. Gambling, porn, etc seem to fit as these are excluded from the App Store.


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Dumped everything, made a grip, bought back the same amount. It’s getting hard when it keeps dipping. More bears than Yosemite! I’m thinking .01 soon with a bottom below that. Still trying to model this blood bath. Seeing some good opportunities tho. Going to wait and buy the dip on the bottom, and by bottom I mean when it tanks hard, cause it will, then hope to catch 10% on CB announcement. Heck if I can get a few points on Shelley that would be great as well. Ada to .014 to .008 buy then sell the bump is my plan…almost.


Hi everyone ,

10 more days till 2019.

Do I get any prize???



Yes you get a prize, but no surprise. You more than halved your investment :grin:. Now for the big Prize. Just HODL for the next 2 years and receive a fortune. Well done.


All hail the trade god Mihori.




I personally give 1 ada to you if you further pre-tell me the 2019 low for ada.


Less than .01. BTC going to crash hard. Ada feels larger impact.

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I’m an optimist. Thanks for calling out my guess on price appreciation. LOL


3 more days to go hehe


3 days to 0.002?.yes we have super sale giveaway for ada.


.002??? Are you referring to BTC or USD??


@Michael94588 $Ada.


??? I was talking about $0.026 before.


I don’t understand what you’re talking about. You’re saying in 3 days Ada will be .002?