What is the least expensive way to convert ADA from wallet to USD?

Hi folks,
Here in the US, I have found that the lease expensive way for me to buy ADA is to get ETH on GDAX for no fee and then transfer the ETH to Binance and buy the ADA there and then send that to my wallet.

I am wondering what is the least expensive way of converting ADA to USD? Is it just going the opposite? Transfer ADA back in to Binance and then convert to ETH and then move that to GDAX?

Any tips would be great. Thank you!

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I have no idea what you’re talking about :wink:


Another and probably cheapest way would be through Tether, but I still have trouble figuring out if they’re real or a scam.

Tether? Totally legit, as long as you only want go USD->USDT.

As for Tether->USD… well… cough.


they claim that every single tether is backed from 1 dollar, but I read stories that sincerely make me doubt of it, especially if things go tits up.

you can imagine, they are a smallish company somewhere in Asia with nothing actually proving the pegging… dodgy things are probably to expect.


It may work as a short position until people believes in it. for me it is just fresh air


If they can put their cash deposits in escrow at an American bank, I’ll believe them :slight_smile: … till then, I like how you called them, “fresh air”… make me wanna … yawn :rofl: