What will happen first: ETH Casper or ADA Staking


What will happen first?

Ethereum’s Casper (proof-of-stake) release will go live, or Cardano decentralization i.e. ADA Staking?

  • ETH Casper will go live
  • ADA Staking will go live

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A bit OT and sorry but you’re not really the real cashmeoutside girl, right?

Btw: yes it’s me pacman! :wink:


She is definitely the real one, just moved to UK and started to work as Developer.:slight_smile:


That would be a nice cover, tho )


Casper has been “on the verge of being released” for about 6 months now.


Which one of them? )


Do not believe everything you read.


do you believe Casper will ever run on Ethereum or first on Rchain.coop ?