When is the right time to make stakepool

I’ve been running stakepool from my home for about 2 weeks. But, I got some problem here and there. The biggest problem is I don’t have IP public in my home.
I’m planning to move my server to datacenter. But it will cost me more if I’m doing that. And I hope when I move to datacenter the reward system already running. So my question is, should I start move my server to datacenter and work with ITN or I should wait until hard fork and install in mainnet?

Anyone can help?

Sounds like you are very concerned with pool operation costs @ADA-INDO, and I would venture a guess you are not very experienced on the technical side?

In your shoes (if these are your circumstances) I would -

  1. Keep playing with things locally as much as I could “for free”.
  2. Wait and be patient and see what returns pools are getting on live mainnet to minimize risk.
  3. Figure out the revenue and cost structure then, and see if setting up a pool on a DC makes sense.

I am no expert, and I’m not recommending what you should do.
I am just saying what I would theoretically do based on very very limited information.
Good luck!

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Thanks for your comments. I really appreciate it. I just really cannot wait to operate a stakepool.

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You’re welcome @ADA-INDO.
Just putting this out there for all to enjoy :smiley: -