Yoroi - Buy Ada direct into Wallet with very high fees (13.5%)

I just recognized that there is a direct purchase option in Yoroi with allows buying ADA directly into your wallet. I believe that this makes it much more convenient for fresh ADA Holders to get your stake delegated to a individual stake pool instead of an Exchange.

Means: This could help getting more Delegation from participants of the network which are doing it on an Exchange because it is simpler there.

The problem with that are some extraordinary high fees. Right now I would get 772 ADA for 1000€ there. The current exchange rate on the market is 1,12. So I would get 892 ADA for 1000€ on an exchange. This means that 13,5% are charged for the service at the moment.

The service is provided by changelly with the payment being handled by Indacoin.
Unfortunately the payment is only possible with Credit Card (at least in Austria this is the case).

Do you know about any plans to include other exchanges to provide a similar service?
Is there any way to reduce the cost which is related to such a transaction?
Are there other ways to make the delegation journey more convenient?

Just use other exchange. It would be way cheaper.

I was thinking of this buying option rather as a driver for more buyers going to buy and stake directly in the wallet.
My goal is to shift some of the Exchange based staking over to Individual Stakepools.
The hypothesis is that one of the main facts to stake with an exchange is the simplicity.
If buying and staking directly into the wallet would be similarely easy this could support stake pools. At least thats my hope and motivation why i opened this thread.

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Does anyone know if there are efforts to find better partnerships?