Yoroi for firefox

just when? they said Q4 this year…but there is nothing done. could you update it?

We still have 15 days left :slight_smile:. We have been focused in the hardware wallet integration and the mobile apps. Unless something unforeseen happens, I think we are still on track with our timelines.


Perfect, looking forward to the update at 23.59 - 31. December 2018. Happy New Year :smiley:




it’s january and we can’t download it for firefox on yoroi website!

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It’s not released yet, but you can build it yourself: https://github.com/Emurgo/yoroi-frontend/pull/194

Mobile wallets too: https://github.com/Emurgo/yoroi-mobile

I guess your post was edited because it was a bit offensive. Anyone can see the original and the edit by clicking on the orange icon next to it, it’s a pretty transparent way of moderation.

Criticism on Emurgo is fine, just be more civil.

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How about you follow the rules like everyone else and learn how to discuss something in a civil way. Seems like there is almost nothing you say that adds any value to this forum, most of your posts are riddled with cursing and ad hominem attacks.

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After reading your post history and your reactions here you have your first warning. Behave and there shouldnt be any problems here. Have a good stay.

I believe in free speech as much as anyone, but this is a place for civility. So please be civil when expressing your yourself. Incidentally I believe Firefox codebase was finished in 2018 but it is now in security review.

This is not his first warning @Andy_Hendrikx. His account was silenced for the weekend. If you think this was too harsh and want to unsilence Mr. “Free speech means i don’t have to adhere to forum rules and can insult everyone as I please”. Then that’s fine by me.

I’m biased since there seems to be a lack of respect and common sense when trying to discuss anything with @ada88888. So maybe I was wrong.

Fine by me @Bullish. I would propose that @tom.kelly and/or @maki.mukai decide if it needs further actions.

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