Yoroi Wallet Update? New Wallet recommendations?

Hello wonderful people. I am wondering if the Yoroi wallet is going to be updated with added features? I can not see any information about that.

I have this current message on my Yoroi wallet:

“Due to protocol update, the rewards are being recalculated.”

This has been like this for 24 hours now - any idea when this will happen?

And any recommendations of new cardano system wallets that allow us to buy and sell and stake Cardano ecosystem tokens and store them all in that same wallet?

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Inexpereinced ADAholder and lover!

the Yoroi team is working to solve the issue, be patience… you can also use AdaLite - Cardano Wallet (the official site) in case you have an emergency and you can’t wait for Yoroi to be fixed.

Thank you for the reply @Alexd1985 it’s been 2 days now. Hopefully it’s sorted soon. Can you recommed another Cardano wallet I can look into that’s going to have the added features to buy and sell and stake all up-and-coming cardano ecosystem tokens?

You can try adalite.io

Thank you @Alexd1985

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Did you have a fix on this issue? I am facing the same issue last time but no response from anyone.


The team is still working to fix the issue