Zero Balance in Shelley Daedalus Wallet

Hi All,

In my Daedalus wallet, I now show a zero balance.

I deleted my wallet, and reinstalled it three times, but it still shows a zero balance. I even deleted Daedalus, and reinstalled it three times. I still get a zero balance.

Please advise?


Do u see something in transaction history?
Check the seed words on

If the balance is 0 then u should search for another 24 seed words


Thanks for reaching out. I show nothing in the transaction history,

how do I use adalite? It want’s me to create a bridge?

what bridge… open and enter the seed words there (choose mnemonic 24)

or use Yoroi wallet chrome extension - it is more secure, then adalite

Do you use a hardware wallet like ledger or trezor?

How did you restore the wallet when reinstalling daedalus?

Meanwhile just go to and either connect with your hardware wallet or select “restore wallet” if it wasn’t a hardware wallet.