We have in plans to launch full explorer for testnets. But this may be better and simpler option. Thank you!

P.S. I am very busy now (explorer is my hobby), so don’t have much time to spend on it. And my friends (team) busy as well. Maybe in late January we will be able to implement more features.


That’s already great as it stands ! I can relate on the schedule issues :slight_smile:


After AdaLite switch to new Emugro explorer Seiza (which is showing incorrect balances) and Coinmarketcap adding it as Explorer 2 (despite our attempts and to be added as Explorer 2 for the last 4 months) I have no desire to continue work on AdaScan or pay any fees from my pocket for hosting/server and etc.

AdaScan is off. Thank you all and bye.


That is a shame. I much prefer your platform. Thank you for all of your efforts. All the best!


Adascan was cool. Was that the one that showed a wallets percentage of the total balance? Cool feature.

Have others documented Seiza showing a wrong balance?

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This is really sad. I wrote my thoughts already in the TG group. Thank you for your efforts.

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Just do the math. Total received ADA - Total sent ADA. And compare it with Address Balance


That is a very sad news and quite understandable as well. I hope all your efforts will somehow pay back when the rewards era kicks in…

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@SebastienGllmt is there a GitHub issue on this?

My left hand has muscle memory of typing adascan when I needed to search ADA statistics.
Sad to see it go. Thanks for the stats.


Is your decision final, or might you be interested in a financial proposition and thereby keeping the your hard work online?

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That is sad. Your website will forever be the “OG” Explorer.

how much does it cost to run? can we come up with a way to all pitch in so you can run it indefinitely ?

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I love adascan! I hope it can stay up somehow, Emurgo needs to be held accountable!

WOW man, this is a wondeful resource! thanks for pointing us to it!
Did you make it yourself?
may I dare to make a suggestion?

The website and interactive graphic is my contribution to the istoria numbers pulled out from the cardano-sl by @vantuz-subhuman

Feel free to suggest ideas

I have in mind an alternative graph based on percentage of ownership by % of adresses. I feel it’s a better way of getting an idea about how descentralized is the ownership (or how dispersed is the value «voting rights»), diregarding the fact that people can own several medium sized addresses, thus not reflecting real value centralization)

This is an example from Adascan, although this pie chart hinders the history, I revisit it frequently in order to grasp how the project is acumulating hodlers.

*taken 12-jun-2019
2018 ©

Historical distribution chart is in process of development. No ETA though.


Wait, so your still working on adascan? I seemed to get the impression you were finished with it…

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Adascan was added to Coinmarketcap and Adalite re-list it back. More then enough for me to continue working.