Announcing our first group of Cardano Ambassadors!


Thanks for this @maki.mukai.

Is there a route available to bring forth project proposals for funding? That is: if someone came up with a project that does not fit within the CF Ambassador criteria, is there a way to pitch the idea to someone specific who has the ability to provide funding (ADA)?


I believe you could contact Emurgo for this.


The fact that we’re not sure shows that there isn’t, I’d say.


Thanks maki :slight_smile:



Thanks Andy but that’s not what I’m talking about.

CF has its own coffers, exactly for community projects and incentives, correct? Would be cool if the community could communicate with someone in control of that coffer


I hear officials stating in private closed channels that they don’t want to be on the forum anymore because they got angry messages, maybe they should leave as well. /s

Hell, lets all abandon the community because people have a personal vendetta with @bercinho and anyone he talks to. /s

If you guys want me out you take a vote and boot me. My consience is clear mate. I’m doing my best here to do good for the community, which @bercinho and @Mihori are still a part off last i checked.

I never thought i would see Ambassadors demanding other volunteers to be excluded. All of you are taking this to far, both sides.

How about we focus on doing good for the community? Seems like this is a better way to spend our energy.

Cardano is open source, if groups want to form and evangelize cardano / inform the community they should be allowed to do so, because if not, why is the cardano effect a thing?

This is a group that formed to make a podcast about cardano, before there was an ambassador program.

What you seem to be suggesting is to centralize the community and those in the ambassador program get to decide if you get to volunteer or be part of the community.

If you could motivate that request for me to leave with common sense and good arguments, i will take you up on it. So please, by all means do explain it to me.

I do not understand. I know i made mistakes while being a part of this community, so will everyone else.

Human nature is fickle.


@Bullish Don’t you go anywhere!


It makes me sad to see long time community members who have made contributions like Bullish feel this way.


All this infighting is not productive. We should be waring with other “projects” (those scams, inferior trash that aim to swindle people out of their money, that bring nothing of value to the space and give crypto a bad name), not amongst ourselves.


Just FYI I think you are going to be a good ambassador and have nothing against you in this debate Sean. Just wanted to make that clear.


Actually, there is a great value to the infighting if you look at it from a different angle.
Most building’s in my area of the world are built after a big hole is first dugout for the foundation, which to me is what all this infighting looks like, we obviously are digging a big hole together and once at a proper depth the concrete foundation of our community can be built, quite a simple view I am sure but this is very much how I see it.
I would very much love to go into a longer in-depth explanation of my viewpoint, but I do not think it is really needed right now.
Anyway it is most likely that if people are committed to the construction of the community something positive will surely come of all this, even if it looks like its just trenches in a war zone :wink:


The only reason I am writing this is that I have enormous respect for you and would hate for you or any other person here to leave.

From my vantage point this whole space is large enough to fit every different combination of views. By far the best way to move forward is to stop comparing one structure to another…Stop applying a “fairness” judgement filter and focus on what you have to offer to the community.

Yes there will be projects that will get funded before yours, there will be decisions made by CF that won’t satisfy everyone.

Imagine you are selling bread in a small market. Your neighbor is selling a slightly different one and has more customers than you. Now you could do two things:

  1. Study his process, find out he puts less flour in his bread, which is clearly below your standards and tell to everyone “he puts less flour in his bread!” Or

  2. You could learn what sells, why. What’s important and what’s not and improve your recipe or better yet beat your competitor in his game. Maybe in the process you will learn that the amount of flour isn’t as important in creating the good taste as say the origin of the yeast.

Strategy 1 will get people’s attention, no doubt. It may sway a customer or two but in the long run it will damage your reputation because no one would want to tell you anything, no one would want to sell anything next to you and most of all those who you attacked, will retaliate, engaging in a war of words.

So instead of selling bread, which you both wanted to do, you just waste your time fighting… after a while the public won’t know who started what and will avoid both as, let’s face it, untangling these things requires a cognitive burden that could be effectively spent elsewhere. So people will take shortcuts. They will avoid both.

They are in the market to buy bread… and guess what? New players will enter the market who will say we are not these two.

The power of this community is in its diversity and in its tolerance of different views. Just like people’s taste in bread, these views will find their audience.

There is no reason to fight as this isn’t a zero-sum game.


I think your analysis is pretty much on point. :+1:


So be tolerant. You’re going around shouting about how people are doing things you don’t agree with and expecting them to change.


You are confusing tolerance with silence. There is a difference. One can be tolerant and vocal + constructive. Or vocal and destructive.

I don’t want anyone to be banned or silenced unless there is a proven malintent. But constant barrage of negative, subversive topics with question marks on them seriously doesn’t earn anyone brownie points. At some point one has to stop and think: “ how is this reflecting on Cardano community?”.

This behavior raises my suspicion at least.


I see you haven’t changed. Why should i, if i have another point of view. Why you not tolerant of my views. Notice i’m defending all the time, but you just can’t get it.


I believe this is part of the problem. Why are you speaking to people that disagree with you like this? Talking down to them. Why are you so familiar? What do you mean “I see you haven’t changed”? What are you the best buddies from back in the day? You know nothing about this man. Why are you patronizing people? Who are you to patronize someone? Who are you to make decisions for the entire system? There’s been a vote :ballot_box:, it’s majority rules


Sean just pick up your rock and carry it up the mountain. Sit on it and think for awhile. Zenman is piping up all the time, then knowingly or unwittingly asking me to change. My candid reply is “I see you haven’t changed” It’s referring back to him that he expects me to change but he doesn’t have to. Eish.


I understand, but before I wrote that comment I went around and looked at your other posts, it is a pattern. You just did it again with your “rock comment.” Do you really not see it? I’m not commenting on the quality of your statements and arguments, but your delivery is just…