Announcing our first group of Cardano Ambassadors!


I’m pretty new here and I was pretty excited to be a part of the Cardano community.

I have to say that a lot the content and behavior I’ve witnessed recently has deflated my expectations drastically.

This post was a post about honoring the first of the best of the community, but it seems there are issues to be found with this. I’m a little stunned.

I have no place to say anything, this is not my community. I’m a bystander watching an unstoppable forces of egos clash with immovable opinions and this is already the antithesis of working together.

I am dreading the day when it comes to actually vote on something that matters for the future of the project. There is not a lot of evidence we’re ready to be decentralized.

An Open Letter from several former Guardians

Welcome to the crypto space i guess :stuck_out_tongue:


What is missing is the incentive. Handing out virtual badges isn’t going to keep the community working in Cardano’s interest.


I’m creative and passionate. And have donated as much of my own $ into trying to promote it as I’m going to.


I know, but I also know that this didn’t keep away the now nominated ambassadors to contribute.

My personal opinion is that incentives will allow to do more, but it also can attract a new type of contributors: soldiers who don’t really care about the project but more about the monetary incentives.
Time will show how intensive and different this will be.

Also people who miss incentives may believe it is a very simple task, by simply putting a bunch of ADA on the table.
But how much is the right incentive? 100, 1000, 1million?
Does the contributor live in world regions with relative high or low GDP and incomes? 1000 ADA in Europe for example very probably will not motivate that much people. In many places on Earth, it means more than anyone can ever achieve.
Some of us forum mods back in summer self-funded a contest for best contribution. No big amount of ADA, may for an average lunch. but we noticed a noticeable activity from all new registered users from a poor country. They all voted for one certain contribution.

I asked quite some people for their opinion and how to handle this in a fair and transparent way. Didn’t get noticeable feedback or good answers up to now.
I only see that complainers in almost 100% ask only for incentives in general, but never bring up questions like this.
Will a 1th world dude work for a few bucks?
Will one try to fake his location in order to collect more money?
How to handle this already now for eager community members until a treasury system is in place?


No offence! I didn’t wrote this to criticize you. Did I?


I think that’s the most important sentence in this whole sucking thread. There are a lot of people who spend a lot of time and effort for Cardano and now they destroy everything they have built up. It’s really sad.

If I learned anything from this thread than that we as a community (ARE we a community?) are not yet ready to take responsibility for Cardano. IOHK, Emurgo and CF should be VERY careful not to give power to the community too fast. We first need structures to stabilize the community, to take away influence from all too big egos and to distribute it to many shoulders.


Give CF over to Florian and let him hand out the incentives. Seriously.

A decentralized project should regard it’s core community as part of it’s foundation and this community is spending energy infighting that could be going toward promoting Cardano. I can’t imagine a better way to raise morale than to spread some ADA around.

It might just end up being well worth the money, too.


Looking at the numbers, only 15% of the inaugural ambassadors are anonymous. Based on the feedback and comments, it seems to me that the Foundation can identify five non-anonymous members to replace the five anonymous.


The Foundation can do nothing about the outcry. Those of us that think ambassadors should be public can focus on the positive - 85% of the ambassadors have chosen to share their identify to foster trust and transparency.


Man I like how you look at it.
Very positive (2nd option)
Honestly imo this is like the first Community outreach program coming from the Foundation that includes community individuals by name as participants of the project Officially , and inclusion of anonymous members causing a stir here is really just the prologue to the inclusion of anonymous actors in the ecosystem moving forward as the development continues and how we come to terms with it as Shelley is realized and afterward Goguen and the true impact of anonymous members of our community becomes realized, everything about the platform will most likely be controlled by anonymous actors in our ecosystem to some extent in the future as I expect that most ADA holders will vote anonymously within the ecosystem when voting becomes available - I expect most pools to operate from completely anonymous accounts in the near future, and most likely there will be anonymous actors that launch very useful tools on the platform.

The option to focus on the positive is the best approach option, cause the option of removing 5 anonymous members would just set things up against the idea’s of privacy that are quite ingrained in the foundation of the platform and would then really create an outcry imo.


In addition to data. Precedence is also a helpful guide with discussion like this. As such, here’s an example from the Friends of the Bitcoin Foundation. I assume they have anonymous members and those anonymous members simply aren’t listed. Anonymous members are very important they just aren’t listed (they are anonymous). Everyone listed on the Friends of the Bitcoin Foundation site are not anonymous.


Somehow this just confuses me, there is no information about privacy and anonymity coming from that link.
Edit: other than the fact they have no anonymous members listed as you stated.


Yes, I totally agree. Many questions remained unsolved, and if there’s incentive , how should it distributed? and which direction should this program lead to? What’s the goal of the program? How should Ambassadors do with what kind of given resources?

That’s why i felt the name of Ambassador is kinda biased, right now this should be only a honor program for voluntary work, giving volunteers recognition and encouraging more volunteers to join. It’s not ambassadors, but merely volunteers.


I disagree with that.

Most (or all?) of the current group of ambassadors were already doing what they’re doing before the ambassador program was even announced.

Incentives could be a way to facilitate community building, but in the end it’s the actual intrinsic motivation that will make the difference.


Where do you get these numbers?

Lists 33 names, with a little mistake because “Mihori” is listed twice and has even requested not to be part of the ambassador’s.
So we have 31 names, and 3 of them decided to remain anonymous.

If this are our problems, then either we should be happy or think about how it keeps us away from the real challenges.


I’m glad you confirm what I predicted in another topic that went the same road as this one…
On the other hand it makes me really sad that it came true.

Hopefully your post will help people realise what they’re doing to the brand…


The whole ambassador project was soo positive.
It was just a recognition for a bunch of hard working volunteers for there good work for Cardano.
Now there is a lot of negativity arround it because of a few people that need to comment on everything. Not just on this subject…

I hope the negativity stays within this topic, and that the ambassadors can keep doing what they were doing :slight_smile:


Okay. Handing out virtual badges isn’t going to help get large projects done. Putting in time is one thing, but I can’t afford to fully realize my planned project(s) with my income.

Obviously more effort will be put into something if one is getting paid to do it than if it’s voluntary. In order to utilize the community to it;s full potential, we need to see some ADA.


Hi @Mihori

I will remove you now from the Ambassador list. I never received an email and I have also checked so no written confirmation was ever provided that you didn’t want to be a part of the program. But no worries, we’ll take you off now. Thanks


As for incentives, we hear you all loud and clear:

This is taken from the original announcement on the Ambassador Program: Announcing the Cardano Ambassador Program

We are working closely with a wider team to determine how incentives will work to provide fair, adequate acknowledgment for the work done.