Announcing our first group of Cardano Ambassadors!


Markus brings my private company in this context and you speak about respecting privacy? Incredible …

Upon request from an independent member of the Community, I am out of this thread. Won’t respond to further comments.


I’m certain, pursuit of the common good for Cardano is the driving force for the vast majority of us here.

As for you, I’m certain of only one thing, that conflict fuels you.


“Won’t respond to further comments.”

Yes, you will. Via Twitter, Github, Telegram, or here, you’ll avenge your phantom: It’s presently not within your power to restrain yourself.


I fully agree with you.
Did you note that I tried to ignore all these accusations and “aggressive” behaviour from Bertalan for many weeks now? Hope was that he will see and learn, for example because nobody realy care about his posts, or because the discussion brings up that there are different opinions than what he tried to place as given fact statements.

Now you mention exactly the right things and bring up the questions:
Do we want this behaviour in general?
What happens if more and more users start adopting this behaviour?
Do we already have double standards when he believes he can continuously put in doubt and accuse people, while he reacts completely different when only one question is raised towards him?

Can he continue to accuse ambassadors choice to remain anonymous, even after the few active readers who remained in this forum clearly expressed a majority for pro-anonymity?
What kind of poll he did to believe he can ask things in communities name, while he does not accept and declare as invalid this forum polls here?

Did he answer on a request to give clear names on his accusation?

Why is he allowed here to speculate and accuse me to use double accounts while exactly he is doing this?

So thank you for your opinion! Again: I fully agree and really want to see this forum (again) as a constructive and friendly place, as free as possible from power plays and politics.

What is your proposal to solve and clarify these continuous attacks and doubtful questionings? Should we simply ignore him? How will we be able to re-attract people who left this forum due to the continuous negativity and aggressive accusations?


I appreciate your conclusions, however, please understand this threads tenor reflects the effect of what I can best describe as a malignancy that’s been under treatment for an extended period of time. Its treatment and its history are entirely dependent, and justified.


The issues within the community has far less to do with Cardano and much more to do with people’s egos.

A person feels alive when in battle. Those who are not comfortable with stillness and letting things be, will seek constant change. Sometimes those who are not in touch with their true self (the stillness between thoughts) convince themselves that the motivation for promoting change is to make things better, but it’s fundamentally about constant (mental esp.) input and “doing”.


Obvoiusly. The only way to dispel a situation and prevent it from escalating is to withdraw your attention from it.


And, more importantly, time is the most precious asset you have. Spend it wisely and make sure you don’t waste too much of it.


Eckhart Tolle, you da man :blush:




That’s my 2 adas for you. :wink:

Also I did a simple googling, the following link might be useful for you guys:

I hope all moderators/admins in TG/FORUM had good training on moderating and understanding on censorship, or maybe not.


Well yes that was the plan since December.

But now after the ambassadors program was announced and he used it to raise again new accusations and create a negative mood it becomes an issue. Not because of the existing ambassadors but because of future ones.

Let’s not be distracted by the conspiracy theories:

Ambassadors was chosen and categorized by what they effectively did and contributed in the past, and not because they now form sort of a council or can decide about anything.


  • organized meetups. Did @bercinho ?
  • translated documents to their native language. Did @bercinho (name sounds pretty Hungarian)
  • contributed with open-source or -data or -knowledge content (e.g. educational blog posts, codebases, statistics, demos, …) Did @bercinho ?
  • moderated social channels over many months (Forum, reddit, official and regional TG channels) Did @bercinho

Afaik he didn’t provide anything of this, and that’s the reason why he wasn’t nominated.
So far so good. Nobody can and should be urged to contribute in the above categories.

But what signal it will give to potential members of the community who have plans to contribute in one of the above areas, when the reaction is doubtful questions and accusations?

Dealing with him repeatedly ends in being accused for something. Be sure he now will weee-weee for months that I brought up his involvement in
In fact, it was himself in the Cardano Community Statistics thread, and one of the guys who once announced to organize a Meetup in Frankfurt with him. (no the meetup didn’t happen, because there is a huge difference between bla bla and effective doing)

I fear: People who live from drama and conflicts will hardly try to continue with accusations, even if we try to ignore them. The question is how to keep all others motivated, and free from fear to become crosshaired by such guys in the future?

It’s definitively no nice and wanted job to argue here at such mud levels, but I try to defend the forum and future potential contributors from this threat. Then hopefully we can return better today than tomorrow to a respectful, tolerant and supportive behaviour.


lol, he asked for a proposal, I gave a proposal.

that’s it :stuck_out_tongue:


Many of the people just don’t see through the problem here.

The problem is not about privacy, not about anonymity and not about Bert.

The problem is about LACK OF COMMUNITY INPUT.

TBH, some of the community managers should get fired already.

The Ambassador program should be a good intention, but obviously, no one knows what it will do and what it leads to. They just announced it but everyone has no idea what they gonna do. I tried to ask these questions before, but no one had any answer. So I also asked to quit and not put my name on the list, but obviously, they forgot.

Some people thought Ambassadors gonna represent the Cardano, some people thought Ambassadors gonna have Adas. But no one knows what’s going on, and it looks like an unthoughtful program still, not to mention it was initiated last May, given such a long period of time but still lack of progress.

When we do anything involved with public benefits/rights, a PUBLIC HEARING is very important. You don’t have to do exactly everything the public wants you to do, but you have to let them express their voice, otherwise, they will just come to your door and protest.

Obviously, that’s the problem we are having now. WE ARE MISSING THIS STEP. If you don’t provide a channel/format to let the public express their voices and if you do everything inside the black box on your own. That’s exactly what you get here on this thread, and there will be more I’m sure.

Transparency, Free of Censorship and Community Input are the foundation to build a community.


I always though you were a great guy Mihori, but this suprised me a bit to say the least

Please leave the Ambassador Slack as you by this comment stated that you don’t want to be part of this. Same thing for @Bullish btw(i am sorry mate) but if your collective is stating that they don’t want to be part of an Ambassador program i would love to see everyone leave who is affiliated with Bert.

Not sure if i should laugh or cry here. You know Parsons resigned a few months ago right?

I guess some people could use a bit more of light in their minds. I’ve encountered some dark places recently…


lol, why you guys all like to take things to personal level. It doesn’t matter if I’m a great guy or not, I’m pointing out a fact.

I am talking about the system, the protocol. If I were the boss and given such a long period time (2018 MAY to 2019 FEB), my team still can’t give me some good results on one simple program. I will fire someone for sure. Maybe it’s just me :).

Sorry, I am not a Slack guy so I didn’t rili know how to use it, but I uninstalled slack after I dropped a quitting email to Tom.

Wait, How long had Parson quit? 2.5 months soon 3 months? How many months do we have a year? I hope Parson will no longer be an excuse in 2021.

lol where?? Sorry I wasn’t able to participate. :rofl:

But anyway, you can either love or hate my opinion, I just wish there will be a better improvement on how the community management doing stuffs (or maybe there won’t). At the end of the day, you guys are taking money from the public investor.



You don’t mean lack of the CF input?

If we had some clear and relvant info from the CF about what being an ambassador actually means, that could help lessen the infighting.


Here you go

What is unclear or missing?


I guess it’s always a 2 ways communication :stuck_out_tongue:

ya definitely. I don’t blame anyone or any person, just the ways of doing things here are problematic.

We need someone who is experienced and competent for the job.


What do we do with it?


Try to understand
Try to accept and recognise

Don’t try to pull out another artificial drama story.
Don’t speak in the name of the community
Think positive
Act constructive

Have a beer and philosophize about whether the fingers on your hand are there to point at others or to become creative yourself.