Announcing our first group of Cardano Ambassadors!


We do know what decentralization is, but obviously you don´t.

Highly simplified it´s about emergence; an extended, diverse & large “non-hierarchical” network of (identical or function based) nodes, where all the independent nodes collaborate following a consensus protocol and each of them is contributing to the utility (consented agreements) the network itself provides.

The larger the network, the stronger it is. The better the consensus protocol, the more efficient it is.

This is completely opposite to how our Community is organized at the moment. Just replace nodes with members of the Community.

You have all these passionate, motivated & talented people in the Community (in various social media channels) and we do not unleash the collective intelligence & power of this large network.

Instead of this we read: “Things are moving behind the screens, we are working on great things and they are speeding up.”

Instead of this we see the Community Management Team does not respond & ignore Community Feedback for more then 6 weeks now.

Instead of this we experience we should unquestionably accept whatever is being released, without brining up other opinion or issues, otherwise we are proclaimed as attackers of the System.

Instead of this we do recognize very clear patterns of group dynamics, politics & agenda.

There is a clear segmentation of the Community into regular Forum members, VIP (Lounge) members of the Community, Ambassador Slack Participants, and also a close inner circle.

We have these mission critical programs like the Cardano Ambassador Program, Cardano Hubs Program, which are being currently designed to define our Community future.

But instead of shaping these programs together as a Community we have a few elite decide our future for us.

If we look for representative democracy to have “special nodes” in the network, then the Cardano Social Council ( ) is a much more fair approach and obviously the Ambassadors are not legitimate representatives of the Community opinion (Voice of the Community), but rather champions of Community performance. Let´s not mix these.

To have the opportunity to influence, engage, participate & contribute should not be a question of position but a natural right to all Community members.

The clear sign of this lack of inclusion & collaboration is that there is no Community wide collaboration platform where the important things are happening and you may have members of the Community freely join and share their opinion, experience, contribute and if needed facilitate fair and transparent debates & voting.

If you allow one speculation, this is only possible, because the embarrassingly weak Community Managemen Team is hijacked by a few elite of our Community. This is why I am pushing on every channel to have this Team be strengthened by hiring exceptional talent (nothing less Cardano deserves). Another unfortunate factor was lifting up Community members & paying for their service in a non-transparent way like this intervening into an organic development of the Community. This is not to be mistaken with the fully justified and important aspect of having incentvies to be provided to the Community.

So back to decentralization, IMO we don´t have those characteristics and nothing reminds me here of the noble principles & values of Cardano, it feels like rather the usual corporate environment with dirty politics.

Cardano Ambassadors? Cardano Community Champions!

Once the Cardano voting system is live all your problems will be gone.
This will take a while but give it some time.

And Bercinho, you alone, are not “the Community”. You may have your own opinion but you can not change everything because you think it is better that way.
Let the community decide, and if we look at the outcome of the two polls which were made we can see a clear answer.



Polls where the Ambassadors themselves vote about the policies they should follow and only a few peope are given the fair & balanced context about the vote? :slight_smile:

Please let’s not speak about the poll, it reminds me of the Hungarian general elections :joy: For sure we can and will do better then this.

Btw it was not only my opinion, but @knysna got kicked out and maybe the others don’t want to go deep in this mess …

Can’t wait for Liquid democracy and all supporting community platforms. But it’s improtant how we get there as we are setting the pillars of the Community now.

Have a nice day :wink: off with the kids.


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While I was typing the first reply in this topic I wanted to add something like: Let’s hope this topic stays clear of personal attacks, endless discussions and all other sorts of negativity. I deleted it before posting, because I thought it might only trigger people… Sad to see it has gone down this road anyway.

@bercinho I am in no way saying you are the cause of this. You do make a lot of valid points. But as you said somewhere in this topic: Those are your opinions. You also said there’s like 50 - 100k community members. You cannot expect the CF members to come here and adress every single question you ask. (Valid or not) What if all 100k people start asking questions? Or only 1k? That would mean a huge workload, preventing them from making any decent progress.

In this topic you say a couple of votes / likes on this forum don’t count as a community opinion. Why would the CF see your concerns as “community” concerns? I guess you should focus on educating people about your concerns and why you think those are important. Because as I’ve said before: You do make a lot of valid points. If a lot of people agree with you, I am sure the CF will listen to the questions asked and answer them.

It’s obvious you’re doing this for the right cause and I agree with you on a lot of points. (Although I think some of them don’t matter that much yet). I do believe though, that your current approach doesn’t help your cause. Not everyone uses logic / ‘common’ sense the way you do.

Long story short: Maybe you should change your approach a bit to see if you can get more people to agree with you and therefore adding more weight to your questions/concerns, instead of repeating your questions over and over in differtent topics, demanding responses.


This was my question to @Eystein_Hansen. I don’t think you have to defend or talk for a grown man.
At the end here I have some questions for you. Feel free to answer them like a honest man.

Your opinion. Not many seems to share it, but it looks more and more as you hardly try to create some scenery of a governance issue.

I don’t see this as “community feedback” but your attempt to call them out, guide and drive. Master Bert has spoken. Now all other have to jump asap.

I can admit I clearly and regularly see you attacking a lot of people and instances, by defining your own views and opinions as given facts. That’s annoying but tolerable. But it becomes embarrassing when you regularly react like a winery child, whenever your campaigns and activism does not achieve what you had in mind.

My impression is that you completely overestimate the meaning and influence of ambassadors in deciding things by factor 10 (add another 0 for how you see yourself in this ecosystem and ecosystem)

Define “important”
What about this forum?
Where do you see yourself in this?
Who has elected you to continuously talk about and in the name of “the community”?

Your opinion.

Can you make clear names instead of again new dusty accusations?

Your opinion!
Your doing?


No need to defend me what I wrote still stands perfectly fine without the need to add anything. I have no need to argue something you by your and other ambassadors reply allready prove



This is probably the most unprofessional & pathetic thing I have seen in the Community.

What do you suggest about dCentra? :slight_smile:

My private company was co-founded for (UN SDG Platform) where we cover topics of decentralized governance.

How is this related to our discussion?

I think your other accusations are pathetic and this one I simply don’t understand, but maybe you will explain?

Btw the only guy who played this low game trying to bring my professional profile into accusation was @deepau … you show very similar pattern here, let me not speculate on this further :slight_smile:


No dude! I asked a question. Feel free to clarify and clearly state that your company has no interests in providing solutions for the issues you believe to see. Then we all here do and see a big step towards transparency. That’s all. No accusation, just a request to clarify your position.
Instead, you didn’t ask questions but claimed a lot of accusations in the past. Now we see what I meant by “winery child”. You accuse a lot of people around you, but don’t even support the slightest thing on your surface. This is quite embarrassing. Common guy: be a man!
We left Edinburgh - where we sat on the same table and tried to find a good solution for our different opinions - with a handshake. A week later you stabbed us in the back and started a massive campaign in the public.

again Bert in it’s natural behaviour: subliminal accusation without any proof are concrete facts.

Another former big contributor to this forum, who decided to leave due to your behaviour here, told me it makes no sense to argue against a mud-throwing machine. Now I see what he meant.
Either people have to accept your opinion or you try to declare them as bad. This is a serious problem.

And NO I have no relation to deepau, I not even have a second account and I never had. Instead I know exactly you are writing in this forum with 3 and a half accounts (you may forgot about that one you created back in spring, when you decided to re-join this arena back in late August) The other two accounts are those you use to appear and act as the watchdogs and the social council.

The time when you can freely claim and accuse here is over!


You are waking on a very thin line here, I believe you have even crossed it.

No, my company has no interest and also no experience to provide any services that would help the Community. Actually you don’t need a service for that, just hire top talent into the Community Management Team and put them in charge. Btw we work in the enterprise segment, mainly with IBM Hyperledger.

For the rest of your message I will not go down this road with you.

Now Ambassador(s) who want to enjoy their anonymity, come here and question an ordinary member to clarify his personal / professional life :slight_smile: This is surreal … truly.

I am still proud to be on every medium with my full name and photo. Feel free to go on with your background check, but only bring valid accusations please as this kind of questioning belongs to interrogation rooms.


Lol :joy: Markus, you’re in good company :laughing:


Yes! For sure I will use my life to protect with it, but at least let me know what can I do with Ambassador first??



You know Berti, for a self proclaimed Guru, you’ve got a long, long, long way to go.

Wherever you go, it’s always a guaranteed train wreck, and it’s always the fault of the train beside you😉. You don’t see it, obviously, because if you did you’d commit choices more aligned with your best interest.

I feel sad for you man, whipping yourself to death.

It’s ok, flag away Berti. Message delivered to primary target…you. Can’t delete that😉


Ya, i guess it’s not too smart to ask Internet about anonymity, 99% ppl will tell you yes. (Including me, haha)

Maybe ask this question after they announce each Ambassador will get 1 million adas from the community funds, the opinion will turn upside down. :laughing:


Enjoy your anonymity, duality or whatever :slight_smile:


How’s life as Berti’s lapdog?


I will not write down my speculation who you are. Shame on you attacking people from anonymity. One day you will be exposed…



I am not weighing in on either side of this debate.

I would just like to point out that it is a somewhat sad start for the ambassadors, as this has overshadowed the announcement.

There are always risks when recognising people for their contributions, as there are those that don’t get recognised, which indirectly sends a message (whatever it is they perceive it to mean in their minds). While this isn’t intentional, it is as I said one of the risks.

Observing from the outside, people have been equally heated on both sides. If @bercinho is a bulldozer, then how do we describe some of those arguing against him (this should not be seen as me defending @bercinho)? I agree that @bercinho has been somewhat “aggressive” in continuing to push his position, but I see the same on the other side. We therefore need to be careful of being critical of this as some of those also responding this way are our new ambassadors. I am not sure how this will reflect on the ambassador program, because at the moment I see them equally as aggressive as @bercinho for which people are being critical of. Let’s not have double standards.

I would maybe suggest that those that are deep into this read the entire thread again from the top and objectively evaluate your own posts.

p.s. I noticed while reading that some people referred to anonymous ambassadors with a gender (e.g. “he is”). Is this possible?


I haven’t been interested in jumping into the fray in all this as I hope this program and this forum can end up as a net benefit/positive good for the community at large, rather than power struggle games.

That said, can we at least set a standard of not threatening people and suggesting that you are more than willing to dox them because they criticise you? If nothing else, I think this should be a given, especially in this space where privacy should be an understood concept, even if you disagree with it.