Bitcoin flying now,ADA doing nothing

Mongolia has abundant mineral deposits of uranium, copper, gold, coal, molybdenum, fluorspar, tin, and tungsten.
Mongolia has more than 6,000 deposits of 80 different minerals.
Reason for progress in the mining industry in Mongolia is its close proximity to China, which is its biggest trade partner. The demand for mineral commodities in China is constantly spurring the production in Mongolia. They have a lot of untapped wealth. Mongolia is not a poor country, it’s simply mismanaged.


This is what they are trying to fix:

If they are successful they can unlock Trillions of dollars across the globe.

You need to get out of the FUD mentality and see the big picture.


Yeah we’ll just have to wait and see the price of ADA buy the end of this year and next year.

It is the night,
My body’s weak
Bitcoin a run
No time to sleep
I got to ride
Ride like the wind to be rich again.


Hey, looks like ADA also fly a little bit. Well, compare to XRP. LOL.

Everyone should be making money tonight.


It seems the situation is not so awful. So if you started to earn with the help of cryptocurrency trading bot, it will add you enough advantages to get good income.

I was merely talking about hodlers. For day/swing traders, never can any situation be awful. It’s a game of the stronger stomach and taking advantage of everyone else’s weakness. If you’re a swing trader you shouldn’t even be considering opinions of random internet users such as me and just rely on personal experience, the good ol’ technical analysis, and trustless code/machine (like your example).

Andddd straight back down we go to all-time lows, one step forward two steps back. Meanwhile, BTC is making new 12 month highs

Curious to see what ADA/USD can do when shelley testnet will be up and running tomorrow.
But have a sad feeling it won’t do that much :thinking:

Not much. Even if the mainnet already working. I think it’slittle bit late. There are many coin or project that is as good as Cardano. (Well, according to the holder of their coin, they are the best)

I think that the hype train already left the Cardano station. Something really extraordinary would need to happen for the price to pump.

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“unlock Trillions”, somehow I am having a flashback - similar to Sun Microsystem when they developed JAVA 20some years ago, everyone across the globe is using it now, but you guessed it right - JAVA is FREE. Sun used their money to develop it, Cardano is using our money, so consider it as a donation :slight_smile: My ADA portfolio is down 80% - I consider it as a gift at this point - gift to make the world a better place )) including Mongolia. Although, if people intend to make the world better they will do it with or without ADA, and if JAVA starts charging money they will switch to C# or EOS/Ether for that matter ))

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This is not quite right. Cardano is fully funded from its ICO. To say “Cardano is using our money to develop,” you would have to have participated in the ICO. Which I don’t think you have, because ICO price of 1 ADA = 0.00240 USD. Which means you would have 37.5x your original investment and would have no reason to complain.

Of course I and the rest of the community feel your pain, most of the people’s :ada: portfolio is down 80%. Really the only way to counter it is to “dollar cost average,” but not everyone has got the stomach for it. Cardano is not “JavaScript,” hold on tight…it will be worth it in the long run.


Thanks for posting I definitely feel your pain too. To add to what Sean said Cardano is a platform where people have to spend Ada to execute contracts etc. If God willing it one day is as widely used as JavaScript Ada will be quite valuable.

Don’t expect too much. If you don’t need the money. Just leave it in Cardano. I think if everything go according to the plan. It will surge.

At the IOHK summit, Charles did state that his favorite company was Netscape… I thought this was particularly concerning. These are his words ’ from a VC standpoint it was a complete failure’. Yes, they allowed for the development of the web browser as we know it which is fantastic, but the early investors of that company NEVER got their money back despite the product being amazing… sound familiar?? It is clear his interest is in developing a standout peer-reviewed blockchain which is commendable, but he has absolutely no concern for the people who put money behind his company and his vision. IOHK is going to succeed in creating the best blockchain in the space, but none of us will see any financial benefit even if the product is the best in the business. It’s great to talk about coffee farmers day in and out hypothesising about providing the unbanked a platform for financial autonomy, but it you throw the people who invested in your vision at the start under the bus in the process - you’re nothing but a callous, egotistical, visionary with too much money in your pocket to care.

Look, I understand where you’re coming from. I’ve seen this type of posts a lot, there’s a learning curve. I don’t think you quite understand why the price of :ada: is down and why it’s going to go back up. You’ve got to do a deep dive into this to get a clear picture. I’m picking up a lot of misconceptions from reading your post, like real fundament misunderstanding of what this is.


Hey hello, everthing in live you must time it good or try to ,my first crypto i bought btc back in 2012/2013 below 100$ after that i stayed cool till i heard about ada after its ico and i started to follow news,whitepaper,its chief charles h.and the outstanding team and its price on a daily basis but ada went sooo like a rocket to 1 .33$ i thought i missed the boat but didnt loose my eyes on ada .then after the alltime high it went down to less then 0.07$ ,this my chance to buy it cheap and i started to buy it big time specialy last q4 of 2018 and first q1 2019 i converted every euro i had in to ada and my average went to less then 0.05$ .i am very very happy with my holding now.i was lucky with timing and the bearmarket that just came on time for me.your timeframe in any investment must b 5/10 years.sure in 2030 you will smile @ the price of has a long path of dev&growth just hold and buy it is still cheap.
Cheers mate happy days are in sight with ada
Smile smile:grin: