BP SSD Died, How to recover your pool

Hey Guys,

Was attempting to retire my pool when out of the blue my SSD for my BP stopped working. Its not completey dead but the ubuntu on it no longer starts up. I still have all my cold keys etc on my cold machine but im unsure what I need to do to get my 500 ADA deposit fee back if my BP no longer works. I have already submitted the pool resignation transaction and was just trying to take my ADA from the pool after it had been de-registered. Any help is much appreciated.


what is the ticker? check on adapoools.org or pool.pm if the retire registration was submitted successful ( you should see retiring in x days)


Yes I checked on adapools, my pool is retired [CORAL]. But my SSD that my block producer is on has died. So how do I get my deposit fee back?

you received the rewards…

now, the wallet is imported one or a simple wallet in CLI?

its a simple wallet on CLI i beleive, wasnt imported.

then you must have one node running, even the relay (not must be a producer)
then you will need to withdraw the rewards and move the funds to your wallet

coincashew guide?

So I can withdraw my funds with only the relay node functioning? Yes coincashew.

yes use one relay, you will need to upload only the wallet files and then follow the coincashew guide to

I’m pretty sure all my wallet files are on my SSD thats dead. unless they would already be on the relay node.

no, but u didn’t bkped the pool and wallet file somewhere on an USB?

bkped? you mean backuped? becuase no I didnt. I only have my cold keys still

not ok, to access the wallet funds and perform transactions you will need the wallet files… cold keys are only for managing the pool (modify, rotate KES, retire, etc)

Oh okay so I’m basically screwed. Without that SSD i cant do anything right?

yes, unfortunately you can’t :frowning:

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what files are my wallet files?

payment.addr, payment.skey/vkey, stake.skey.vkey,
these one you will need