Byron wallet restored with 0 balance

Hi, there. Any news on the updating? I have tried to connect my Daedalus wallet first time in 4 years or smth. Guess what, the wallet shows exactly 0. I see that imnot the only one having this issue. I have the 12 word phrase, the synch went well up to 100%. It shows Byron type, and i dont have the “receive funds” option. Only send. The history tab is empty. I mean, it looks like ive just created a new account, all the funds are wiped out. Is this even legal? I cant even see what is my wallets ID to check if any ADA are still there. That really suqs.

This is the laptop/desktop where u installed first time the daedalus wallet?

If yes, try to locate the secret.key file and use the import option

Hi, thank you for the answer. I did that as well, both on Deadalus and Daedalus flight. Still the balance is 0.00. How can i try to find to locate my wallet’s ID? it doesnt stand there anywhere. Also, i dont get any replies from the IOHK.

I was thinking maybe i can track somehow to check if there is any balance there? (even though i know i have never used them anywhere :slight_smile:

Oh yea, and i forgot to mention it still stands as Byron, and i cant receive/request funds.

U restored an old byron wallet… if u wi want to create a shelley wallet then create a new shelley wallet (bkp the new 24 seed words) and start receiving funds… for the byron walllet it seems u restored another wallet which has no funds… try to find the correct 12 seed words

Bump on this.

Same exact issue. I have the correct seed for my Byron wallet. Restores to 0 balance.

Anyone figure this out? I have a significant amount on the line.

I have the same exact issue. I do not see a real solution on this thread. What to do?

if u have the old files on your laptop/pc try to find the secret.key and use import option when u are trying to restore the wallet

thanks for the quick response. I do not have the old file, only the 12 word recovery.

Ok, try to restore on

do u see any transactions history?

honestly, not comfortable using 3rd party browser wallet… even if it´s super legit…

Ok, then in daedalus do u see any transactions history?

nope none at all… after reading the thread it seems it really is a problem with the wallet update?

and also no receive/tab addresses, so same problem as many other posters… IOHK support claims incorrect recovery phrase, but is 100% correct… not sure why they would issue that response when many holders have the same problem…

sorry viralgod. they f**ed up. The seed password does not restore the wallet. They will not admit it. IOHK support, bank support, telco support all the same corporate shit.

I can´t believe this. I did not think it was possible to lose access with recovery phrase. Why is nobody addressing this issue that obviously many are having?

feline what can we do here? would it be effective to track down everyone with the same exact issue and bring it to their attention?

I do not know, I was able to restore wallet through the import of old wallet files. But I am with you, seed words must restore.
What to do, I do not know. I was very naive in 2017 thinking, crypto will change the world nonsense. Sorry.

Hi. I am having the exact same problem. I am 100 percent sure that my seed phrase is correct. I have successfully restored the wallet before. Unfortunately I do not have the secret key file to safe the day… First of all because the first thing support advised me to do was to delete ALL related files and reinstall daedalus. Looking back that was a pretty bad advise!
Do any of you know any other solutions to the problem?

Do u have the 12 seed words for byron wallet? Try also on and check if u see any transactions history