Cardano Blockchain Meetup in Hanoi, Vietnam

:writing_hand: As scheduled and announced on the meetup, the discussion for Fund10 proposers in Hanoi took place at 9:00 AM on July 26, 2023. The event witnessed a heartening response, with over 20 attendees from 08 different groups, including:

During the meetup, each group had the opportunity to introduce themselves and share insights into their ongoing projects. The open and candid discussions provided valuable feedback, guiding the projects towards improvement and optimization.

Specifically, we dedicated a significant portion of time for each group to present their projects in Fund 10, and members actively contributed their valuable insights. The discussions aimed to explore potential opportunities for collaboration among the participating groups.

The event also featured a pleasant intermission, where attendees enjoyed coffee and light refreshments together. It provided a relaxed and casual setting for everyone to mingle, engage in open conversations, and share their thoughts freely.

We express our heartfelt gratitude to all the participating groups who made the valuable time to join us at the Cardano Blockchain Meetup in Hanoi. Special thanks to Kreate for supporting the event with a well-equipped meeting space, delightful refreshments, coffee, and even fresh flowers, creating a warm atmosphere as being at home.

The success of this meetup is a testament to the dedication and passion of the Cardano community in Hanoi. We eagerly look forward to future gatherings to continue our collective journey of collaboration, innovation, and growth within the blockchain ecosystem.

Once again, thank you all for making this event a memorable and rewarding experience.

Best regards,
On behalf of organizers:

  • Tien Nguyen Anh - Cardano Ambassador
  • Cham Nguyen - Head of Marketing of Kreate

Wow! What a fantastic meetup @Tien_Nguyen_Anh :tada:

Thank you for sharing this recap and the pictures :clap:

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Thank Tien Nguyen Anh - Cardano Ambassador
Cham Nguyen - Head of Marketing of Kreate
Cardano2vn is honored to discuss proposals for fund 10 at this meetup

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Thank everyone :heart_eyes:

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Great work @Tien_Nguyen_Anh :heart_eyes:

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Thank @Nicolas @Jimmy_Lee_Vcoincheck @Nvhieu1978 and @Jeremiah for your encouragement, your follow up and your trust in us. Your companionship is the motivation for us to develop the local Cardano community together