Catalyst Weekly #91 - Town Hall #146 & Fund11 Official Launch

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This week saw the very much anticipated launch of Fund11 bringing 50,000,000 ada in funding for the ecosystem. A special town hall #146 launch party took place where we were joined by Andreas Pletscher, COO of Cardano Foundation, with an opening keynote as well as Eran Barak, CEO of Midnight, with his closing notes here.

A lot has changed since Fund10 was introduced. In the spirit of innovation and iteration, the Catalyst team has once again provided an overview of the changes for Fund11, with a focus on the Fund11 Launch Guide, new streamlined funding categories, removal of downvoting, proposal limits, along with other significant changes to the process.

F11 submissions are now open with new categories until November 30th for public drafts, with the ability to finalize these drafts by December 7th.

So what is the latest? Let’s dive right in.


Town Hall #146

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:bulb: Next: TH #147 on Nov 22 at 5PM UTC. Register now via this recurring link.

What’s new in Fund11?

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In recent weeks and months, the Catalyst team and community have participated in a series of workshops (in addition to comprehensive public surveys and public feedback collection) seeking to align on the approach for Fund11 changes. As an outcome - Fund11 now sees an introduction of streamlined categories to help stabilize and provide greater clarity and space for a wide range of proposals and ideas.

For Fund11 specifically, the following categories are available for proposal submissions:

  • Cardano Uses Cases: Concept, Solution, Product
  • Cardano Open: Developers (technical) & Ecosystem (non-technical)
  • Catalyst Systems Improvements: Discovery & Development

Each of these categories has its own relevant sub-tracks. Full detailed briefs can be found on the Project Catalyst platform.

In addition to these new exciting categories that help allocate 50,000,000 ada of total funding available - further changes have been introduced as well (pictured below). As always, please refer to official documentation via for more information and or reference official announcement channels for any relevant updates.

F11 Key Changes

Fund11 Timelines

A Project Catalyst funding round consists of four phases: proposal submission, community review, community voting, and onboarding. We are in the proposal submission phase, where the community has until Nov. 15th to submit a proposal to answer one of the many challenges found here.

F11 Master Timeline

F11 Voters Timeline

F11 Community Review

How to participate?

So you want to participate in Fund11? But don’t know where to start? Check out the Launch Guide and read the in-depth guide.

There are many ways to get involved with Project Catalyst, and we’d love to see as many members of the Cardano community participate as possible. To get involved in Project Catalyst all you have to do to start is make an account on the collaboration platform.

Once you become a part of the Catalyst community, you can participate in discussions, suggest new challenges, share your opinions, and vote. You can also respond to challenges by building a team and launching a bid.

Important dates ahead

Note: Given the dynamic nature of Project Catalyst, the following dates may change as the fund progresses. If this is the case, we will notify the community via our announcement channels on Discord and Telegram.

Nov. 15th, 2023 17:00 UTC

Fund11 launches at Town Hall #146

Nov. 16th, 2023 11:00 UTC

Proposal submissions are open for two weeks, during which proposers can submit draft ideas

Nov. 23rd, 2023 11:00 UTC

The start of the Community Reviewers registration, which ends on Dec. 10th before EOD UTC

Nov. 30th, 2023 11:00 UTC

The deadline for draft proposal submission and the beginning of the period where proposers can finalize their proposals based upon the structured feedback from the Community

Dec. 7th, 2023 11:00 UTC

Deadline to finalize proposals

Dec. 14th, 2023 11:00 UTC

Start of Community Review stage, ending Jan 22nd

Jan. 15th, 2024 21:45 UTC

Voter registration deadline (epoch boundary 460/461)

Jan. 25th, 2024 11:00 UTC

Fund11 voting begins, ending on Feb 8th, 11:00 UTC

Around Feb. 15th, 2024

Fund11 selected proposals announced

March 2024

Onboarding of Fund11 funded proposals

Catalyst Network - Speaker Series

Over the last year, there have been a series of changes to continuously improve the Catalyst system and give more value to the community.

One of these changes for funded projects is the Catalyst Network. The Catalyst Network (CN), formerly known as Coordinator, is a collective of different amazing projects funded by Catalyst across various rounds of funding.

In a nutshell, the CN events are designed to bring funded projects geared together, providing a space for projects to collaborate effectively, gain new insights, and foster knowledge sharing within the community. While the CN aims to host these monthly, below are the details for the next one:

  • When? The pilot CN event is scheduled for Tuesday, November 28th @ 5 PM UTC
  • Topic: The HEART Framework
  • Overview: HEART stands for happiness, engagement, adoption, retention, and task success. This framework is used to measure success and will help you answer the question “what does success look like for my product or community?”

Remember, for more information on the Catalyst Network visit GitBook page here.

Note: Updates will be shared on community platforms as reminders for the session on the 28th. These live sessions are strictly for Catalyst Funded Projects.

GitHub Repo Round Up

Screenshot 2023-11-17 at 12.26.13

Here’s the tweet above but I encourage you to follow along milestones development via following links to keep up to date with the latest Catalyst Roadmap Proposals:

For full access to GitHub branches please review:

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