Daedalus - It now appears to be a dead project

It appears that Daedalus is now a dead project. There has not been any activity on the project since Aug 2023. There are a lot of countries where you have to pay tax on the rewards. Since Byron, people of been clamoring for a way to export rewards by year / dates. THIS IS A NO-BRAINER AND SHOULD BE A BASIC FEATURE OF ANY WALLET!!! When you ask anyone from IO, they tell you to use a third party website. Completely unacceptable. If you want institutions to adopt Cardano, then some basic reporting features need to be built in!

Come on guys, I’ve been with you since 2018, and I and a lot of us are still waiting for reporting functionality, especially around staking rewards!

Stop fooling around with Lace. Finish Daedalus with the proper reporting tools and make it a polished product that Institutions like Wall Street will use! Six years is a long time to wait for basic functionality.



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To be honest, Daedalus isnt the wallet which everybody will use. It is slow, its extremly ressource intensiv and lacks alot of important features like you are not able to connect to any dapps.

Just go with one of the many cool and secure litewallets like Typhon or Eternl and dumb Daedalus.

If you need a proper tax report for your staking rewards, use pooltool.io :slight_smile:


Why is this unacceptable? You can look at a wallet app as a certain view on the blockchain. The third party websites, like the one @Zyroxa mentioned, give another view on the same blockchain and can be used for what you need.