Delegation on Liverpool [Liv] pool - Seems inactive

Hello guys,

I had delegated my coins on [LIV] Liverpool - which now seems inactive. Does anyone knows what happened with my coins? I am trying to undelegate but I get an error. Is there anything else I can do?

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Your ADA never leave your wallet. They are not in custody of the pool. It doesn’t matter if a pool seizes to exist.

You should be able to just switch to another pool.

Undelegating/deregistering is only necessary if you want to stop using a wallet or an account completely and want your 2 ADA deposit back.

If switching pool or undelegating give an error message, it has nothing to do with the specific pool, but is an error of your wallet app.


What wallet app are you using? As @HeptaSean already said, you should simply be able to redelegate your coins to another pool without unstaking your funds before.