Does this have any impact on the price movement of ADA?

In the past I have seen that other crypto’s hardfork’s could certainly impact the price movement of the crypto, yet that was usually associated with disagreement within the communities of which direction the crypto’s protocol should take, the plans to Hardfork ADA is to implement positive features and popularly supported by the communities with really no push back from anyone - I cannot comment on the price movement that could or could not happen with a Hardfork but I can say it will strengthen the value of ADA as Cardano stays on track to realize the potentials of the research that has gone into it.

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please note that this is not a hardfork in the sense of “there’s a new coin”. This is just an update of the protocol with “breaking changes”. (to the old protocol)

The procedure was described here in detail: Cardano 1.5 testnet: Daedalus 0.13.0 with Cardano SL 3.0.0


I attempted to move this topic to Trading and for whatever reason no matter how many buttons I pushed I could not figure it out, but I do think it is a valid Trading discussion simply cause Cardano is largely considered an “Alt” by some and Hardforks have in the past caused for a devaluing or increase in value of “Alt” coins, no matter what the Hardfork was intended for or not, @adatainment could you move this from the Random category to Trading?

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