I am going to be regretful from buying cardano in large scale. any hope?


What’s going to happen? any hope?


Don’t invest what you cant afford to lose.


sell all now!!!


Me too. U are not alone.


then what?? my money is become one-third of before. I cannot afford this loss.




I can’t tell you the price won’t go lower but I can tell you I’m not selling.


Don’t see this trading chart. Go to work make some money again.this is not the end… this is a begining of long term investment.just sit n watch… be patience. See this 10 years later.


I couldn’t sell too.


10-year is too long term investment. I need some good news earlier. :frowning:


If you need good news in three to five years, I’m quite sure you will be fine. If you need good news within one month, I think you have made a big error upstream already.


Now it’s better to encounter


And one more thing: Don’t believe in anything anyone writes or says. Educate yourself, think yourself, make your decisions yourself. I told you what I believe will happen but I can be proved to be completely wrong. I don’t know more than anyone else, including you.


Salam :grinning: ham esmim. Dont sell if you don’t have to. But again, the fact that you’re asking this question shows you shouldn’t have invested in the first place. Investing is not for everyone.


maybe you have wrong strategy till you start investing… this bear market is so good opportunity to get a little bit more ada on each dip, just don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose.
Instead of going out on saturday night or order a pizza or buy new shoes you don’t need, just buy some more ada on a dip and at the end you win baby…


salam. moteasefane nabayad invest mikardam enqad be ghole shoma bish az had :smiley: tajrobe shod


Thanks for your help


cardano is still a baby in developpement, wait for the the final product and see


I am agree with you :baby:


I like beer markets too. :+1: :sunglasses: