Interested in notifications on new delegation rounds?

Hello, stake pool operators :wave:t3:,

we have often seen that pools did not know that the Cardano Foundation is starting a new delegation round, that the form was opened or closed, or they otherwise overlooked the announcement. We understand these are busy times, and based on your feedback, we created a “notification service” on information regarding new delegation rounds and related information.

You can sign up for this here: - btw: plaintext emails, no trackers, no images, nothing fancy

I would also love to hear from operators joining the Cardano Summit in Lausanne as we are preparing some specials for you.


that is a great development,
also to cover more people who loose chances :wink:

best Regards,
The Token Square!!!

after the amazing Berlin Summit Experience, we dont loose the Lausanne Summit :wink:

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Thanks for this! Reminders are always helpful.

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thanks for reminder