Interested in Translating Cardano Content?

@maki.mukai, @YeJi.Kim, Hi! What about translating articles and other information from Cardano, IOHK and Emurgo websites to Russian and Ukrainian languages for futher usage of these translationons on official websites? Will it be necessary or it will be better to concentrate on translating and publishing ‘cardano content’ on other sites?

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Найдите меня в телеграмме @soluyanov, я вам расскажу что есть в русскоязычном сегменте :slight_smile:

Hello, could you please help me to access to your french translation, or your english translation ?

Hello, it appears that all the transcripts and translations have been reset. The message in the description says:
" NOTICE: This course is out of date. It shows MARLOWE as it was in 2019. We are currently working in the new edition that depicts the latest development of the MARLOWE programming language."

You can message the course author, or wait until a new course is posted.

Ok, thanks for your reply !

Hi @Cardano @maki.mukai or any other moderators. I have translated IOHK blog for this article Stake pools in Cardano to Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language) :indonesia:.

If it’s okay, please kindly add it to the IOHK Blog Posts lists. This is the translation post Stake pool di Cardano

I will slowly translate the other articles, blog, etc to Indonesian language and post it here also.

Thank you very much.

Great work @andreassosilo !

I’ll tag the community managers who look after the work that the community contributes. :slight_smile:
@adatainment @Katsumoto @Andy_Hendrikx


Awesome work @andreassosilo

I’d like to encourage you and btw anyone who would like to contribute to the translation to visit @werkof translation portal here:

In the portal, we can somewhat steer which articles are relevant and people can participate in translations in any language. It’s also not so “messy” there like it can get somethings in the forum.


First, thank you to @maki.mukai for the fast reply. And thanks @adatainment for the link. How can I submit my translation (Indonesian language) to be added in ?

I don’t see any sign up (creating account) neither blog functionality to add article there. Kindly inform me again, what is the procedure for submitting translation for this website.

And I would like also to translate IOHK blog or articles from Cardano Foundation. Especially documentation for developer (Plutus, Marlowe, CLI, API, etc.).

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I believe at this stage @werkof has to set you up with an account, I’m sure he will comment or contact you soon. Thanks you.


Hi @adatainment ! I have translated the “What is Proof of Stake (Aggelos Kiayias)” summary article into French. I saw that members post their translations in the comments section below the article. Is that all I need to do? Please let me know the process I’m a new member :slight_smile: Many thanks!


Welcome @Cassandre. I don’t think that’s a reasonable way to go forward. Or to put it another way, if you were looking for an article in your language, would you look for it in the comment section of a different language?

Putting content in a portal like is in my opinion the best strategy.

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Hi guys, hope you are all doing well! @adatainment @werkof @Katsumoto @CardanoCastellano @maki.mukai @Cassandre

I don’t get any response from Clio1 neither the owner of this topic (to add my translation in the top). So I created a new topic that contains all of my translation to :indonesia: Indonesian language down below:

:indonesia: Tutorial About Cardano / Panduan Mengenai Cardano [English/Bahasa Indonesia]

Any feedback would be great & really appreciated :smile: :+1:

Best regards,

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Hi @andreassosilo
If in your translation you add a link to the original document, then in the original document a link to your translation will appear at the bottom. Hope this helps you

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Hello, Kammerer

Clio is an excellent idea, and I am willing to participate in it (Spanish language)… But it happens that the site has no way to register on it.




@napoles at the current stage @werkof has to onboard you manually. Since you did already a lot of content I’m sure he will get back to you as soon as possible.

For anyone else reading this who is interested in contributing to Cardano 101 - Clio.1 International Education Hub, please understand that manually onboarding takes time and @werkof also has a day job. It would be good if you post one or two articles in the forum beforehand to show that you are committed to translation, thank you all.


Yes, I already joined Clio.1. And start translating Indonesian language there. Thanks @adatainment & @werkof .


Hello @werkof.

Take your time, but please don’t forget me. I really like the Clio idea.


sorry, I thought I already had DMed you - I confused it with someone else.


Hola @werkof

Don’t be, I understand, we are many and you few. OK, I wait.


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