Interested in Translating Cardano Content?

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To all translators: Please link your translations here so that we can insert them in the overview above.


@Philpa, this is you video, now on Russian


Чарльз Хоскинсон. Сюрприз АМА 24/03/2019. Русская озвучка.

IOHK Ethiopia Haskell Course - Вдохновляя новое поколение учиться Haskell & Blockchain. On Russian!

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Cast your vote :ballot_box:, spread the word

@timsahabutdinov Let’s start a Russian speaking community on the forum

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Я согласен :+1:t6:

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The free Marlowe course on Udemy now has the English transcript/captions corrected (auto-generated was terrible) and the full course has been translated into Spanish and French. I highly recommend taking the course - it’s great!

I am currently working on correcting/translating the Plutus course.


@cobblybear !!! Great work! Course will be promoted through the spanish community. Amazing :clap: !!

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Thank you! To see the translated content or English transcript, press on the CC button and select.

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Hi again Cobbly,
Since I liked Marlowe so much, I was taking a look at the course, this time in spanish.

Please note that Video nº3 "Example of a Financial Contract
" is being showed with the subtitles of Video nº1 instead.

Thanks for the info!
I will pass that along to Alejandro so he can fix that (I don’t have access to that part of the process).


Accurate spanish subtittles are now being showed accordingly!

I will continue looking at the online course and keep you updated about this (or Alejandro through slack)

Thank you for your support!

Great! Thanks!