Introducing "Der wilde Waldmops" [WMOPS]

Pledge: 2.01M ₳
Active stake: 2.60M ₳

Because I can. I believe Cardano is the most advanced blockchain project out there and I would like to be part of it. So I set up this pool to stake my own funds. It has been up for a few weeks and I chose to wait with the introduction until now that I am sure that I did everything correctly and the pool actually generates blocks.

0% fee?
I already profit from the skills I build while doing this and I don’t need to take a cut from anyone who chooses to delegate their funds. That said, should the pool ever saturate I might consider adjusting the fee until it doesn’t.

I have a Computer Science background and worked in IT for many years. However, there is no reason to believe that I am a more skilled pool operator than the next one. This is not rocket science after all.

Currently the pool is running on VPS infrastructure hosted in Germany. I intend to upgrade to more powerful hardware as the need arises.


Hi, i delegated to Waldmoos because of the relatively high pledge. What do you think is’ the reason why IT have such a Bad Luck?

i have delegated a month ago, i was just curious to why the website dont work. new to staking so i dont really know

Thanks for making me aware. There really isn’t a website so the URL is supposed to be a redirect to cardanoscan, which I somehow broke. Now it works again.

Why no website? Well I wouldn’t know what information to put there other than what is already on the blockchain and therefore visible in the pool explorers. The pool doesn’t really do anything different than most other pools and I abhor boasting about how experienced I am, how many relays the pool has or how green the energy is that runs it.

Recently I lowered the pledge because I needed the funds for a charity pool project. More will be announced soon. I also increased the margin from 0% to 0.5% because the pool was growing and I want to avoid saturation.

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well im happy i helped, im about to add some more to my stake right now

And how would you advise I do that? Delegators decide for themselves, I can’t tell people what to do.

I once set my pledge to 0 to see what happens. The delegator count dropped almost immediately, which indicates that people value SPOs investing their own funds.

Hello. Nice to see there is the creator of [Waldmops]. I have some issues regarding a delegation I made about 8 months ago. I delegated my ADA to Waldmops and didn’t enter my wallet for a while. Yesterday when I entereg in ma Daedalus Wallet I found that I have no ADA delegated in my Wallet. Could you help me verifying if there were any problems with my delegation? Thank you in advance.

Hi Waldmops,

I delegated my stake quite a lot of epochs to your pool. Meanwhile we set up our own pool, dedicated to support social and ecological projects in el salvador and bavaria.

Meanwhile it’s quite hard to get delegators if you are a small pool.

If you like our pool - Would you mind to delegate some stake to our pool?

Our pool is called Solydar_1 [SOL1]


Your WMOPS pool is minting only empty blocks since epoch 331, is this on purpose?

Thank you


Possible solution: increase general block reward by ~10% and don’t reward the smallest 10% of blocks at epoch end

Or maybe just award TX fees (or % of that) from block to pool instead of central treasury? That would motivate pools to have as many TXs in block as possible.

The way Cardano calculates the block rewards at the end of each epoch has some advantages.

Thank you for asking. I was definitely not on purpose and since I restarted the node it produced an almost full block. I hope it stays that way.

However, I am still at a loss understanding why this happened. What I observed was a sharp drop in peer connections so I guess the node did not receive any transactions to include in blocks. Somehow it still must have received blocks from the network, otherwise it could only have produced forks. The machine has plenty of cores and RAM, so I’m still scratching my head.

Any ideas?

It seems there is still an issue somewhere, only one block in the last month has had any transactions in it.

It would be interesting to get to the bottom of it, I think there is/was another pool doing the same as well.

I’m sure as a community we’ll figure it out and get you back on full block production, we need to be as efficient as we can :grinning:

What I know for sure is that this is probably the first time the BP has been up for longer than just a couple of weeks. Before version 1.34.1 I restarted every time a new version came out, which happened quite frequently. So it is of course possible that something happened that made it stop listening to incoming transactions, but this is speculation.