Introducing "Der wilde Waldmops" [WMOPS]

Pledge: 2.01M ₳
Active stake: 2.60M ₳

Because I can. I believe Cardano is the most advanced blockchain project out there and I would like to be part of it. So I set up this pool to stake my own funds. It has been up for a few weeks and I chose to wait with the introduction until now that I am sure that I did everything correctly and the pool actually generates blocks.

0% fee?
I already profit from the skills I build while doing this and I don’t need to take a cut from anyone who chooses to delegate their funds. That said, should the pool ever saturate I might consider adjusting the fee until it doesn’t.

I have a Computer Science background and worked in IT for many years. However, there is no reason to believe that I am a more skilled pool operator than the next one. This is not rocket science after all.

Currently the pool is running on VPS infrastructure hosted in Germany. I intend to upgrade to more powerful hardware as the need arises.


Hi, i delegated to Waldmoos because of the relatively high pledge. What do you think is’ the reason why IT have such a Bad Luck?