List of Cardano / ADA staking pools (Unofficial)


I’ll add to


Definitely “private” thanks for spotting that :slight_smile: and thanks for adding it to the list!

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Could you add to the list.

This is a “Invite Only” Private staking pool. For more details see the video

@theh1982 Hi Antonie, hope you are well. Please clarify how you plan on keeping your pool private, or is this just for additional content? Thanks.

It is our hope and expectation that pool selection will be freely open to anybody via Daedalus. Private pools also go against Cardano’s vision of ‘fair financial services’ for all. has no restrictions and we welcome everyone to join our active and growing staking community.

Fantastic to see so many new pools forming to help secure the decentralized ecosystem!


Hello, here’s a Cardano staking pool in Luxembourg:

Please add to the list. Thanks.

@AdamSabla Please add

There is no end of these. How many will be chosen in the testing phase?

There is no end yes, but everyone has an equal right to create a pool. Who will survive, we will just have to see?

i hope not all :slight_smile:

What’s so bad about this? The more independent pools there are - the better. As long as they are honest.

Number of pools does not affect the profits in any way. Total amount of stake is what matters.

Ok i have think thats each pool work more or lesser for itself. them nvm :slight_smile:


Hello Adam

I am new to ADA Cardano. Can you pls explain what does “staking” mean? what is the benefit from “staking”?

Thank you in adavcne.

Another explanation Mining ada procedure

I suggest that you navigate around the Cardano Wiki in order to learn more about the coin and the technology.
Let us know if you think that something important is missing!


@CosmosX Thanks Pierre it was really so helpful.

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Thank you for the info, when will said list be available?

We made this list on the wiki based on what was available here on the forum, but it is far from being exhaustive.
Tom from the Cardano Foundation has said that IOHK have received over 1500 applications, and counting.


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Or just dive in and fix it yourself! :grinning: (Registration/login preferred but not required.)


CardanoHub has more infor on staking now:

They give some hypothetical inflation numbers on staking around 2% per year. This is nowhere near what we were led to believe earlier.

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