Recovered 2017 wallet on new device today, no balance

Hello, i tried restoring my Daedalus wallet from 2017 today with 2 12 digit seeds that I had stored. Both of the seeds went into system but neither of them has any ADA. Further there is no option to receive in my wallet. Any help would be much appreciated.

Do u have the secret key?

I am not finding the secret key, I read some of you earlier comments. the secret key could be stored on the original computer the wallet was first created on? thanks

Yeah, on the first computer, search for the file there

Is there any way to see the wallet address sent to from Bianance in 2017? Maybe from there I can figure if I’m looking for Byron or Shelley wallet… Also is it possible to have created a custom 12 word phrase?

Check on binance to transactions history, u should be able to see the informations there

Do u still have the old computer where daedalus was installed first?

The thing is im overseas and the laptop I thought it was downloaded on does not have wallet… there was another laptop in the family that got ruined and discarded unfortunately… Having someone check the desktops today… There is no way it is on my ledger nano from 2017 is there?

OMG u have the funds on ledger?

Go to connect the ledger and check if u see the funds there
If yes u must connect/pair the ledger with daedalus

was it possible to store ada on ledger in early 2018?

Check on I can’t remember well but I think yes

I was thinking not but this would be phenomenal as this is half my value in crypto. crossing my fingers…

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I found transaction history and on explorer and have a lot of Cardano in this wallet. If you are able to help me recover Alex ill take good care of you.

Do u have ADA in ledger? Are there?

the ledger in not with me, having someone look on ledger tonight. Do you know if it was compatible in early 2018?

Can u confirm that the address starting with Ddz and it has ~56 charachters lenght?

yes it is I have address here…

It seems not


In this case I think the ADA are on daedalus byron wallet

fuckkk. DdzFFzCqrht3Dt1EYvgZ7bwkQauBkiiGm49gvASNmhTr6G4dTvh9ADhxQm9V8Qf9xUVcDfvRDYf52men2pp6sQLRXfa92A5F9b6vQfpo

that is the address maybe you could be able to tell what kind of wallet its stored on from the address…

This could be the binance address?

From this wallet the funds were sent to another addresses