Recovering my Cardano Account from a SECP256 Private Key

I recently encountered an issue where I have a SECP256 format private key, and I want to recover my Cardano (ADA) account from this private key

does it mean you are having 12word phrase instead of 15word phrase?

No,It’s not 12 word phrase, It’s a ec private key, like: 0xc2cdf0a8b0a83b35ace53f097b5e6e6a0a1f2d40535eff1cf434f52a43d59d8f

From what wallet provider? Is it Daedalus or Yoroi?

Long long ago I use bitcoinj generate the private key

Hello @kael_f

Cardano doesn’t use Secp256k1.
Cardano uses Ed25519.

If you used a different EC then Ed25519 points generated will most likely be invalid when wallet checks if they exist.

You must have used some proprietary multi-crypto wallet that uses Secp256k1 to generate access to wallet itself. If that is the case you will not be able to access Cardano wallet with such derived key. You would need to check for help with wallet creator to go pass the first password and get your keys for Cardano network.

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Does this is Ed25519? 0xc2cdf0a8b0a83b35ace53f097b5e6e6a0a1f2d40535eff1cf434f52a43d59d8f

Which app exactly

Not fully wallet , A libray called BitCoinJ GitHub - bitcoinj/bitcoinj: A library for working with Bitcoin

But how did you manage to get a Cardano key pair and address from that thing?

And if you could do that before what is the problem in doing it now again?