Restored my Daedalus wallet - synced 100% = balance zero

The internet cut when I was trying to restore it before perhaps that is the issue?

Hi @theloniousspunk, i suggest you make a new thread and thoroughly describe your issue and the steps you have already undertaken to attempt fixing the problem.

It will get more exposure and ultimately serve you well. Good luck!

If you have the menomnics (12 words) for all of your wallets then:

  • stop Daedalus,
  • delete the Wallet-1.0 folder under %appdata%\Daedalus or ~/Libraries/Application\ Support\Daedalus.
  • start Daedalus and
  • try to restore your wallet again, it takes time, so be patient.

Caution: Do not delete anything if yu do not have the recovery phrase (12 words mneomnics) of your wallet(s).


Due to the new release I (re)installed Daedalus wallet 0.11.2 + Cardano SL 1.3.2 and restored my wallet.
Now I dont see my balance and there is no history (balance 0, no history, no transactions).
Before this reIease I had no problem and my balance, history and transactions were shown correctly.

Hopefully this will be solved soon.

Please do not post multiple support requests. You should start your own topic, giving all the information you can.

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