Restored my Daedalus wallet - synced 100% = balance zero

You should upload it here

@io_jeremy Why are you lying to the community and using my issue in a public forum. You took advantage of a type-o that I clarified and you also confirmed!! I have not been able to acces my account for 4 month!! It really piss me off that you know many people are having this issue and you are trying to hide behind the crappy design of not only your wallet, but also the block explore; which has no clear “to/from” tags which lead to the error!! I sent you every transaction from the exchange to the wallet and you are try to play ignorant!! This is price manipulation of the market as you know of this issue internally and are holding people funds by not rectify the problem!!

We have no confirmed cases yet. We have 3 or 4 cases in support.

We do have a daedalus API in development. This API would allow you to test if an address belongs to your wallet. I don’t have a date on this API.

Please refrain from comments like ‘lying’.


Because you have not publicly confirmed the issues doesn’t mean there is no issue. And purposely not confirming the problem is your attempt to avoid it!! I will not refrain from such comments as that is what you are doing!! You used my issue in a public forum without my permission. Then you are try to mislead the community by saying the address was empty based on a miscommunication that we cleared up MONTHS AGO!! This is now not only an issue of price manipulation by withholding funds, now also liable!! Can you deny that you didn’t receive that address month ago from me?!

“If you truly believe that the wallet should have funds, then you should try a restore on another machine.”

Are you serious? If I truly believe?

You can erase the word believe - I KNOW I sent the ada to the right adress, I witnessed them arriving myself. There were no copy/paste mistake. (lol?!) I always double/tripple check when I send money, especially if it is a large amount. The first time I sent the ada to the wallet It arrived within 10 minutes, and when I logged of and logged on a couple of days later, there were no ada in my wallet. That is not my fault, its the damn wallet. I’ve never had any problems with any wallets, only Daedalus.


I can confirm that whatever has been done works great! I have had no issues and I sync fast now! I can see why people say Daedalus is the best wallet now! Thank you very much for your efforts!

Hi all, I have issue with new version 1.1.4883, cannot go to wallet, it keeps syncing blocks 100% all time, I did delete content of DB-1.0 to re-sync, uninstall and reinstall the wallet, the issue still there, I have ADA in my wallet, how could I move? Thanks


Update: We received screenshots of a zero balance wallet but with a wallet address that did have a balance.

Restoring the wallet on another machine worked and all Ada was accounted for.

I have requested this person now try to delete and restore on the original machine to see if this is a viable solution or if something else needs to be done.


I still have this problem, this is my wallet address 11k stuck…:

any idea when a webversion will come out? I’m tired of restoring and retrying…

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That sucks, and it looks like you did everything right when restoring:

  • How did the problem first occur?
    • After a restore?
    • After the latest wallet update?
    • Randomly when you started it up someday, when it was working before?
  • What OS are you using?
  • If you have time, please submit your logs at Include the address you posted above and a screenshot of Daedalus with the Receive screen open, so they can see that it can’t be a mistyped restoration phrase.
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It occured when I forgot my password wanting to transfer my remaining ada to binance.
so I did a delete and restore of the wallet through my 12 phrase, it was with the previous version.
From that moment I have 0 balance. I’m using windows 10.

why does the wallet produce new addresses? is this maybe the bug?

This is helpful information, thank you.

I’m testing right now if addresses that have no balance remain the same after restoration. Will take a few hours.

I’m pretty certain that your addresses that did have balances should show up the same, if restoration was not interrupted by exiting Daedalus or putting the computer in a sleep state.

Are you absolutely sure that the restoration phrase is correct? The order or words matters too. If you swap two words, a different, probably empty wallet is restored.

what are the chances for restoring an empty wallet like 1 in 479001600…
so it means if I randomly create a new wallet with 12 seed, I can “bruteforce” any wallet with-in the same
password seed? Isn’t this a security risk?

anything in the pipeline for a web/lite version?

ps: I’m sure, cause I noted the phrase down, (though you are making me doubt :slight_smile:)

There’s a discussion of seed phrase security here: Reddit - Dive into anything

TLDR: the numbers are very big :slight_smile:


I’m finished with my test, this is what I did:

  1. Generate a new wallet, note the restoration phrase for later.
  2. Go to the Receive tab, generate two additional addresses. The three addresses in my case, in order of generation:
    1. DdzFFzCqrhskLtcPUbxsv91A2rUSDrwjbLtcjUG4fWxqQYd2qMb69iwRC4ovREHMJhZ2Ycf5fGcp3dswuC9wndi8q52v79UbW3yxLSJF
    2. DdzFFzCqrhswwCJehQKVctPUyb88HhperRJot8uiebPEde3ZuWu7QhtxraizMLxhCTqsW1QfVnXKXL2Da1vtr5e232yFdnBdTKE2Wa97
    3. DdzFFzCqrhsr83bJ9VwrjESGKWixQYwGY5gmUxyyid48efDCCGBAhTeBNYDx74xzNAuk1muoMNsfnQrsGjSeuwcuAj4E2h7dFT2LBMBi
  3. Exit Daedalus.
  4. Uninstall Daedalus.
  5. Delete %appdata%\Daedalus
  6. Reinstall Daedalus.
  7. Run Daedalus, let it sync.
  8. Restore the same wallet used in Step 1 and 2, using the recovery phrase: sing speed session trophy find flavor ski owner kitten sketch pair truly
  9. Go to the Receive tab, generate two new addresses again. The three addresses in my case:
    1. DdzFFzCqrhskLtcPUbxsv91A2rUSDrwjbLtcjUG4fWxqQYd2qMb69iwRC4ovREHMJhZ2Ycf5fGcp3dswuC9wndi8q52v79UbW3yxLSJF
    2. DdzFFzCqrhtC5UHZAZtSoU4MuhpWtuPyLhiP2h12m9xAoEEb49yhj42rHkdjueGbiLShDQACcs1R7AmkQoPCSL3dWRDs5ojS6sShHch1
    3. DdzFFzCqrhsvEn2G1B77D8fvuJ4aLUXSWLunRGJ7AwfbvL5Qyjqw7NCtdML98PcubX3pJYojvLaSondFaE4a1jAu2YTTThaLzjrvBGxi

So, the first address (the one that I didn’t generate manually) stays the same before and after the restore. Anyone can restore this wallet, and it should still be the same. The ones created by Generate new address won’t be the same.

Any addresses from the original wallet with ADA on them would get picked up during restoration. That’s what the restoration process does, it checks if there are any addresses (DdzFFz...) belonging to the master private key (sing speed ...) that have transactions on the blockchain.

In your case, it would help if the address you mentioned (DdzFFz...E9N13) was the default address of your original wallet, and not a Generate new address one. If it was the default address, and it doesn’t match the default address in the restored wallet, then there’s a good chance of a mistake in your recovery phrase.


is not the default address, this the last new generated one when I have send a large amount to binance.

this was the address before I have send some amount to binance: the new address is the one above with the remaining amount.

btw I have tested every single seed and tested what words I could have switched, I’m sure my seed is 100% correct.

I want to know how does this backtrack work? How are the new generated addresses link with the old ones…

My wallet now is faster that sheet! This is the best wallet out there based on my last few experiences. The transfer times are insanely fast! From multiple exchanges, the transfers are done lickity split. My doubts/issues have been put to rest. AMAZING WORK! Thanks to the team! Anyone else seeing the fast time that I am seeing to get transactions in and out of a wallet?


Yes I transferred from Binance to my wallet twice and within a minute it was there. Every morning I sync my wallet just before I head to work.

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Well apparently the wallet Im trying to restore already exists…so?