Sending £30,000 to coinbase to buy ADA, banks wont let me


I want to send £30,000 to coinbase and more on a later date, Natwest says you can only do £5000 a month which wont do as this is timebound.

I tried revolut and £100 worked then it blocked £1000 and send me to a chat agent that is taking forever to respond and now asking me some weird questions

Anyone know a bank where you can send large payments to coinbase over a day?

Would be a big help cheers guys I want to get in at this nice price 30p!

I assume you are living in GB if you are talking in pounds?

A good place to ask these questions (maybe a review of older topics will reveal a good answer already):

Yes GB in pounds, just tried £10,000 with revolut and it instantly declined with no agent support.

Hey ive reached out to a mate from UK and his reply was :

I’ve always used Barclays. They have allowed those sort of transactions. Initially they blocked it, I ended up on a call with a guy in the bank for about 45minutes. We were chatting crypto. He seemed to really enjoy the conversation and at the end said I clearly know what I’m doing. He then said he has sorted my account so I shouldn’t be blocked again. I haven’t had an issue since.

I hope this helps you.

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