Yoroi wallet: “Due to protocol update, the rewards are being recalculated”

whats the difference?

For hw wallet u don’t need the seed words to restore but for the simple wallet u will need it

“use the correct seed words, it’s a hw or simple wallet?”

no …i just made the words up to see what would happen.

thank you for your contribution to the Cardano burn <3

I have the same issue:-(

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Is there an ETA when the db_sync will be fixed for Yoroi ?

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Has this issue been fixed yet? My balance #'s are STILL wrong…Its been long enough…HOW do we fix this?

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They are tryint to fix it asap. If you have to use your rewards you can use adalite.io in the meantime.

thank you but its been over 10 days now…shouldnt it be fixed by now? this is WAY too long and not a good sign

I agree

Its just a wallet. You can restore your wallet in any other wallet if you have to.

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ok i will look into that thank you

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One person said me perhaps this week it would be solved.

Let’s see.


Perhaps this week the issue will be solved.

I cann’t redelegate or send my ADA. It seems the crypto deposed and the rewards are there, but anything else.

Let’s see!

Hello, @LeevanCleef and @Gustavo

A couple of days ago, the official Yoroi account reported that they are working on a solution that should be ready this week:

Thank you!

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Good to see an update for this, hope to see it fix and have my stake updated

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When do u think it will be working?