Yoroi wallet: “Due to protocol update, the rewards are being recalculated”

Come on guys. First my ADA vanished but i was getting the correct rewards. you Said “we are aware a subset of users…” Now no rewards. you say “we are fixing the bug”…you need to identify it first.
Then My balance reappeared for 30 minutes 2 weeks ago and then it was gone again, but the amount was wrong…so you did this manually and made a mistake.

This has been for 4 weeks of nonsense …not the ETH killer we thought it was…

what is the KNOWN issue? or do you just KNOW there is an issue…

The message was put there by the dev team because they don’t know…come on guys

Feel free to restore your wallet via adalite.io if you need access to your funds.

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Feel free to fix your problems so i can.

Your product has lost 26,000 of my ADA and the rewards……

Tell is what the problem is IF you know it.

Why was also all my balance restored for 30 mins and then removed again?

It seems the ADA does move from wallets

I will try this… thanks for the advice

Im not sure if you are aware but i am not an emurgo employee. Im helping here in my freetime.

You didnt lose anything because of that. As i said you are able to restore your wallet via adalite.io if you need access to your funds.

The current bug is just a display error. You still get rewards every epoch.

The problem has to do with db-sync.

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I understand and appreciate your response. Please accept my apology

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adalite.io says the same thing…zero balance.
db-sync since mid August B4 the upgrade?

Where is yoroi on this?

use the correct seed words, it’s a hw or simple wallet?

whats the difference?

For hw wallet u don’t need the seed words to restore but for the simple wallet u will need it

“use the correct seed words, it’s a hw or simple wallet?”

no …i just made the words up to see what would happen.

thank you for your contribution to the Cardano burn <3

I have the same issue:-(

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Is there an ETA when the db_sync will be fixed for Yoroi ?

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Has this issue been fixed yet? My balance #'s are STILL wrong…Its been long enough…HOW do we fix this?

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They are tryint to fix it asap. If you have to use your rewards you can use adalite.io in the meantime.

thank you but its been over 10 days now…shouldnt it be fixed by now? this is WAY too long and not a good sign