🇸🇾 A Syrian doctorate student in Russia joins CF to write Cardano tech documentation

A Syrian doctorate student in Russia joins CF to write Cardano tech documentation

Hello Cardano community,

My name is Nazim Faour, I joined the Cardano Foundation in July as a Technical Writer. I have been following the Cardano project since early 2018, after attending a community meetup in Moscow—the Russian capital city I now call home and where I am pursuing a doctorate in blockchain technology.

My role at the Cardano Foundation is to work in close collaboration with Cardano developers, focus on writing technical documentation, creating external content about Cardano, and generating new ideas based on feedback from our developer community. Likewise, I also create useful technical educational materials for external stakeholders, such as enterprise and business adopters.

I have three years of blockchain specific experience writing technical articles and documentation. My core responsibilities include the study and interpretation of highly technical documentation and cryptographic theory, and disseminating this information to a wide and often non-technical audience.

I consider technical writing as a unique skill that unites both writing and technology. Technical writing, therefore, requires a great deal of both patience and problem solving on my part, and the ability to liaise with subject matter experts and other relevant stakeholders.

As a new member of the Cardano Foundation team, I have many different goals to achieve. My main goal is to help a diverse Cardano audience and guide them through our ever-evolving technology, while at the same time acting as a link between the Cardano ecosystem and the Cardano Foundation to guarantee all technical queries are solved.

About me

Now, I will share a little about my personal story. I was born in Aleppo, in Northwestern Syria, where I studied at an undergraduate level. Through dedication to my studies, I was able to secure a scholarship to complete a Master’s degree in Software Engineering. This scholarship allowed me to make the leap from Aleppo—a place marred by severe social and economic uncertainty due to political tensions—to Moscow, the capital of Russia, studying at the National Research University, Higher School of Economics and allowing me to pursue further education freely. Becoming a Muscovite doctorate student also enabled me to learn Russian and familiarize myself with the varied and diverse culture of the world’s largest country—spanning across 11 time zones from the Baltic Sea near Finland to the Bering Strait across Alaska.

In 2016, I made my first foray into blockchain technology, taking on the challenge of writing a Master’s thesis entitled “Transparent Voting Platform Based on Permissioned Blockchain”. I am now in the second year of education to complete my Ph.D. degree in Information Security, and the subject of my thesis is ‘Blockchain Distributed Systems Security’.

After the conclusion of my Masters, my journey started as an official blockchain researcher with the Waves Platform, a local blockchain startup. In the first few months, I worked as a back-end developer but after that, Waves required the creation of full documentation from scratch, and I gladly stepped in to deliver as a technical writer. Throughout my time at Waves, I saw the team grow from 10 to 200 members in three years—proving to me what a burgeoning industry blockchain would become.

In my personal life, sports are my main hobby—in particular football. I lead the international football team at my university, with more than 30 different nationalities. Together, we have won many football awards, you can watch a short summary of our games and some of my goals for the Blue team here. I like to read about business, leadership, and entrepreneurship, and I can advise two interesting books to read: ‘Leaders Eat Last’ by Simon Sinek, and ‘The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable’ by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. I also like to communicate with people, and the experience that I have gained as a technical writer with Waves made me closer to the team and the community—I am looking forward to having the same experience with the Cardano Foundation.

That is all about me for today! If you want to ask me any questions about blockchain, technical writing, or sports just leave your comment here and I will be in touch.

Best regards,

Nazim Faour


Welcome my bro, one love from Africa.

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Succces Nazim. Difficult times probably in Syria but the future is forward! Future is cardano!

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@Nazim_CF Congratulations! :smile:

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Welcome @Nazim_CF Huge addition to the CF! Excited to see lots of new content from the CF now that you’re on board! :cardano: :wave: :muscle:


Welcome :grinning::+1:

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Very glad to see you working for the foundation. Thank you for the introduction!


welcome :clap:


more than just welcomed :wave: attitude


Welcome! Thanks for sharing your story and for joining the community!


Hi Nazim, welcome to the Cardano family!

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Thanks bro

Thanks Bastiaan, Future is Cardano!

Thanks :grinning:

Thanks Josh :grinning: :muscle:

Thanks Alex :grinning:

Thanks :grinning:

I’m glad to be part of the community :blush:

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Hi @Nazim_CF

Your story is very inspiring. I just finished my masters degree last Sept and I am looking forward to take my PhD next year. I am also interested in doing a research about Blockchain Technology. I am working as a support engineer for a cybersecurity company but haven’t learned much about blockchain.

I hope I can talk to you soon as I progress my Cardano journey…

Take care buddy. Congratulations!


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Hi, Nazim.

Your story is inspiring and hits close to home. My father was born in Homs, Syria. Also through his dedication was able to secure a scholarship to pursue his Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics at the University of Leningrad in the late 1960’s. It is exciting to see a fellow countryman join this wonderful global project and contribute to its growth. My best to you, sir.

Waseem Shahla
Lancaster, CA. United States.