🇳🇬 Greetings from CF’s first Africa-based team member

Greetings from CF’s first Africa-based team member

Hello everybody!

My name is Victor, I joined the Cardano Foundation in early July 2020 as a Copywriter in the Marketing department. I have been busy onboarding, meeting my new colleagues, and dipping my toes into the work, but I hope it is not too late to introduce myself to you all.

So, what exactly will I do at the Cardano Foundation?

I am responsible for the ideation and management of cross-platform and multi-segment content strategies. My job involves developing marketing copy, content, and campaigns to improve brand awareness and educate our audiences as the Foundation pursues one of its core missions of driving the adoption of Cardano.

The bulk of my work will revolve around creating persuasive content—social media posts, emails, videos, webinars, web copy, ads, and lots more. I will also be providing editorial, creative, and writing support to other team members.

I am Nigerian and I am based in the bustling city of Lagos, in southern Nigeria. I am the first Nigerian and the first Africa-based hire at the Cardano Foundation, enriching the diversity of backgrounds within the Foundation. I am privileged to join a strong team of 22 nationalities from around the world.

Africa is very strategic for the Cardano Foundation and its ecosystem. For one, it is a very demographically young continent with a median age estimated around 20 years. Africa is home to over 1.3 billion people, and it holds lots of opportunities to build a decentralized future from the ground up.

The Cardano Foundation is at the forefront of shaping blockchain-enabled sustainable growth. The Foundation is open to engaging with 54 African countries to establish robust governance policies, assess existing laws and policies, and to shape legislative and commercial standards. Cardano has a solid presence on the continent with the inaugural all-female Cardano blockchain developer class graduating over a year ago.

Driving it home, Nigeria has a solid crypto and blockchain ecosystem of startups, devs, hodlers, traders, and evangelists. Nigeria has a growing Cardano community, including Nigerian Cardano Ambassador Joshua Akpan in Port Harcourt. I will also be working with him and the local Cardano community to further deepen the awareness of Cardano in the country.

Before joining the Cardano Foundation, I worked as a Communications Specialist in a Finland-based social-listening startup that listed Fortune 1000 companies, such as Uber and Netflix among its clients. Prior to that, I led a Nigerian startup leveraging blockchain to solve the electricity problem in sub-Saharan Africa. Before this, I was a Blockchain Communications Lead in an Israel-based PR and Marketing agency.

In my spare time, I love reading, spending time with my family, going to see a local jazz band, my Salsa dance class (can COVID-19 be gone already?), working on my car, long drives and learning German on Duolingo – I currently have a 90-day streak, trust me, few things hurt as much as breaking your streak and then having to start again.

I think this sums up my introduction.

A very big thank you to the Cardano Foundation team for a smooth onboarding process and an incredibly warm welcome. The last two weeks have been amazing for me and I am confident that I will continue to enjoy being a part of the team and the wider Cardano community.


Welcome @Victor_CF to the forum, great to have you. If you ever feel the need to practise a little bit German outside of Duolingo, please let me know. :grinning:


Thanks @adatainment I will be taking you up on the offer. :grinning:


Welcome in the forum @Victor_CF !

As @adatainment already offered you, id offer you a lesson in the REAL german language (swiss-german) :smiley:


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Welcome to the Cardano family @Victor_CF and best of luck in your new position!


Karibu sana (Welcome) @Victor_CF . Greetings from Kenya! Welcome to Cardano. Exciting news! Looking forward to your contribution. BTW. I’m an OG copywriter and creative director. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Welcome @Victor_CF. I enjoyed reading your post. I am looking forward to all the great things Cardano will do in Africa and beyond.

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Welcome Victor, can’t wait to connect with you:))


Thanks for posting great to meet you!

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@Victor_CF I am new here and happy to be part of this.I am in Lagos also.Lets connect please


Danke @Zyroxa I might just take you up on that as well. :grinning:

Thanks @SL13PNIR

Thanks, @semakitu I am super excited as well.

Thanks @Dalirahma I’m glad you enjoyed reading my introduction. Here’s to an amazing decentralized future.

Hey man, @Joshua I am looking forward to it.


Thank you @Donnybaseball

Hello @titanaxe and welcome to the community. I’m happy to connect.

So nice to read. More powers Victor

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@Victor_CF Congratulations on all your achievements. You’re incredibly gifted and talented. CF is lucky to have you onboard. We all are. All the best. Have fun. :v:t4: :smile:


Welcoming me @Victor_CF
It does me great joy to see you join the team.
Looking forward to hearing more from you.