Cardano CIP-1694 Community Workshop (Nalerigu-Ghana)

I Hosted the CIP-1694 workshop in Northern Ghana, Nalerigu on the 1st of July 2023. It was such an impactful session where we were able to add our voice through the discussions of some of the CIP-1694 questions on the Miro board.

Participants were divided into groups of three (3) where they had approximately 40 minutes to discuss a major question and later a selected member from each team came to make presentation to the hearing of all.
After the presentations, we casted our votes and captured every detail on the Miro board. It was such an awesome moment.
Click on the YouTube link to watch excerpts of what transpired in our event: Cardano CIP-1694 Community Workshop (Nalerigu-Ghana) - YouTube


Awesome work @Jeremiah :tada:

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I’m a Cardano/ADA investor who lives in Chicago, USA. In 2018 when I was watching videos Charles Hoskinson posted on YouTube describing his vision for the project, Africa and Central Asia were two regions he often emphasized where he wanted to establish it. And now it’s happening.

You have nine people in a small room, but that is fine. Every venture starts small. Microsoft had all of eleven people in 1978. And Apple Computer began with two.


A great work indeed :saluting_face::pray:

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thank you for your encouraging words @FrankR … I appreciate it

Thank you @Nicolas :heart_eyes:

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