Cardano Community Newsletter - July 26, 2019

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Brief Update on Cardano from Charles

In the latest Cardano Update video from Charles Hoskinson, we got a concise summary of some of the things going on in the project. Watch the video or read the summary in the Cardano Forum to learn about the progress made with the Shelley Testnet, Daedalus, the IOHK research team and more!

Go to the Cardano Update Video

What is the purpose of Ada?

Read this interesting blog post from Emurgo that shares four key pillars of ada, the native cryptocurrency of Cardano. You can find out how ada is important to staking, transfer of value, smart contracts and the Cardano Treasury, along with Emurgo’s strategies to support the Cardano ADA ecosystem with product development.

Read about ADA

Get to Know your Cardano Community Managers

You may have seen us around the Cardano community channels or even met us in person at a Cardano meetup - we are the Cardano Community Team! We are here to help grow, foster and empower the community. Get to know us in the latest episode with The Cardano Effect or our introductory videos.

Watch The Cardano Effect episode

Watch Maki & Niels’ Introductory video

Get to Know the Cardano Ambassadors

After learning about the Community Managers, please do take the time to get to know our Cardano Ambassadors. They are also a valuable part of growing Cardano’s ecosystem and come from all walks of life. We have the Ambassador Stories on the Forum that highlight each of their experiences and passion for Cardano. Stories are published weekly so check back in from time to time!

Ambassador Stories #3: Toshiaki, Priyank & Kenny

Ambassador Stories #4: Hideki & Joshua

Shelley Testnet Rollout

The Shelley Testnet rollout has been a great experience! The IOHK team have pushed releases with the code every week, and from the community, we’ve received a ton of great feedback and engagement. There’s still lots to come with documentation and upcoming phases - but you can follow along with the progress by reading the Weekly Rollups on the Forum.

Read last week’s Rollup on the Shelley Testnet

Recap from the Asia Blockchain Summit

The Cardano Foundation took part in the Asia Blockchain Summit in Taiwan earlier this month, where Nathan Kaiser participated in a panel discussion and the Foundation team organized a community meetup. Read the blog post by Ye Ji Kim to learn about the industry perspective on Asia, and to find links to media interviews with the Foundation.

Read the Cardano Foundation blog post on ABS

A Conversation With Nathan Kaiser, Chairperson of Cardano Foundation.

Nathan Kaiser attended the WBS (World Blockchain Summit) in Singapore this week. While attending, he was interviewed by Trescon, the organizer of WBS.

What is actually going on within the cryptocurrencies and blockchain space in Asia and beyond? Where are we headed?

Nathan tries to answer these questions as he talks in detail about crypto market legislation, regulation and more.

Read Nathan’s Interview here

SPOT Conference Hong Kong

In line with the Foundation’s growing efforts in Asia, the team will also be attending the SPOT conference in Hong Kong next week. This follows the activities in Singapore this week at the World Blockchain Summit and Cardano community meetup. If you’re in Hong Kong, be sure to stop by our meetup on Tuesday 30 July.

RSVP to the meetup in Hong Kong

The Cardano Foundation is Hiring!

The Cardano Foundation is expanding their community team! We are looking for a Community Lead, as well as Community Managers to help us grow the Cardano communities around the world. If you speak other languages, especially Chinese, please do get in touch! Job listings and application instructions can be found on the Foundation website.

Work with us!

Yoroi 1.8 Released for Chrome and Firefox

Emurgo has recently released the latest version of Yoroi, a light Cardano wallet. Version 1.8.0 gives users the ability to add Cardano payment URLs, an option to hide balance, new warning messages if server connection fails, as well as new language support in Indonesian!

Read the press release, find tutorials and download Yoroi here

Upcoming Meetups

RSVP to these events!

28 July - Tokyo Meetup by H. Takeshi
30 July - Meet Nathan Kaiser, CF Chairperson in Hong Kong
30 July - Breve introducción a Cardano para desarrolladores - Spain, Madrid by Antonio Sanchez
12 Aug - Tokyo Meetup by H. Takeshi
26 September - Cardano Meetup @ Cardano Blockchain Washington DC

Join these new Cardano Meetup groups!

Cardano Blockchain Taipei
Cardano Turkey Meetup Group
Cardano Blockchain Ottawa (Ottawa, ON)
Cardano Blockchain Malta (Valletta, Malta)
Cardano Blockchain Ostrava (Ostrava, Czech Republic)

Nothing in your area ?

See if a group already exists on our page and connect with the local organizer!


Start your own Cardano meetup group? Learn more here

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