Cardano is three today—celebrating Cardano’s ADAversary

Cardano is three today—celebrating Cardano’s ADAversary


On the 29th of September, the Cardano protocol will officially turn three years old. They say time flies when you are having fun, and it truly seems that the first block was validated on the Cardano blockchain only yesterday.

It has been a fantastic journey up until now, and the entire team at the Cardano Foundation is immensely proud of what we have accomplished to date.

We have already achieved so much this year with the rollout of Shelley, the transition to the Shelley mainnet, the strengthening of our Foundation’s leadership, and multiple other milestones. Soon, we will also begin the rollout of the first Goguen components and launch our Developer Portal.

But there is always room to celebrate major milestones with our community, and we want you to be a part of our ‘ADAversary’ celebrations. This year we have all got to do our part and celebrate remotely, but read on to find out how you can celebrate from home.

Celebrate Cardano’s ADAversary with the Cardano Foundation

You can participate in our month-long celebrations by taking to social media and sharing what the past three years of Cardano have meant to you, and show us how you are celebrating.

The Cardano Foundation invites everyone to share photos, video content under 60 seconds, specially written songs, Cardano-based stories, and more. Make sure you use the hashtag ‘#ADAversary3’ on Twitter, as we will be collecting and sharing community content over time across our social media platforms.

We do ask that all submissions are free of copyrighted material, such as songs or graphics, as this will prevent us from sharing your work—but beyond this, you are limited only by your imagination!

This is an opportunity to celebrate the progress of Cardano to date, but also a great time to look to the future. You can also tell us where you think the Cardano protocol will be heading in the next few years.

We look forward to seeing how you celebrate and we thank all of you for joining us on the journey so far.

The Cardano Foundation team


Happy 3rd ADAversary Cardano!


uh, is it 3 years already. time flies.
feels like we (the Clio founding team) just wished good luck and all the best for the first birthday


Happy birthday and many thanks to all developers. Staking ADA for good.


Congratulations!!! Cardano is three!!! Happy Adaversirary!!!

Wishing all the community more productivity and prosperity!!!

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Congratulations :confetti_ball: :balloon::musical_keyboard::drum::guitar::saxophone::notes: :microphone:Happy birthday to you,:musical_note: happy birthday to you, :notes:happy birthday, :notes:happy birthday :birthday:, happy birthday to you. :musical_keyboard::tada::balloon::balloon::balloon: Keep up the good work and keep having fun at it.

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A very happy birthday to Cardano.I wish you more successes :muscle::birthday::musical_score::beers:

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Tempus fugit!
Happy birthday! :cyclone:

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Happy 3rd ADAversary Cardano. I am new to Cardano and can say I am glad I have chosen to invest m/stake this token. Keep up.the great work folks. Looking forward to the new smart contracts and more.

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Happy 3rd Anniversary to Cardano

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