Proposal to Rethink the Daily Threads of r/Cardano

What’s up Cardano! Have been seeing some people commenting on the Daily Discussion threads over in r/Cardano, and how they are very low traffic at this time. If you look at any of the most recent ones, the engagement is usually five comments or less. Incidentally, sometimes even those are just meta-comments about how there is no one really using the daily threads.

After speaking with people in those threads, and other members of the Cardano community, I wanted to put forward a proposal to rethink the daily, and maybe change things up a bit to make it more interesting and fun:

Schedule: instead of copying and pasting (or auto-scheduling) the same text for the daily everyday, make it into a weekly or every epoch general discussion thread. This will be a good way for people to keep up with some general conversation happening in the community, and for people to come back and talk shop on all things Cardano.

Post Content: In addition to the standard text for a daily thread, a Week of April 20th or Epoch 410 thread (for example) could include a list of interesting events or important dates happening in the world of Cardano during that time. For example:

Screen Shot 2023-05-08 at 11.04.21 PM

For what might be included in this, we could encourage people in the thread to make a comment if they have something interesting coming up that they want added into the next Weekly/Epoch thread. “Do you have something interesting coming up? Let us know below! Provide the name, date, a single, relevant link” This might be optimal rather than an off-reddit Google form → Spreadsheet → Reddit post approach. It’s less backend work, people in the comments can ask questions to those hosting or involved with those events, and everyone could see who submits what to share with the subreddit community. This doesn’t have to be a comprehensive overview of literally everything in the ecosystem, but rather, and more specifically, a highlight of the types of things people using the subreddit are interested in talking about or sharing.

User Comments: Allow the posting of images from reddit users in the comments to make the interactions more interesting and fun. This would be subreddit-wide, but would make the daily perhaps more engaging. Media in comments can be set up in the mod settings under Settings > Posts and Comments > Media in Comments.

Future Changes:

Of course, if we start to get a lot of everyday users of r/Cardano again, then it might be worthwhile to revert everything back into a daily thread when needed. But for the time being, I think it might be worthwhile to rethink how everyday engagement happens here, and the general-discussion threads seem like a great place to start.


  • Very low engagement numbers in the current Daily Threads.

  • Change up the daily thread to make it more periodical every week or every epoch.

  • Have it be a quick reference point for things happening all around Cardano during that time.

  • Encourage people to participate more by sharing different things happening, and enjoy the comment sections with things like pictures and gifs.

  • Could be reverted to a daily if/when user engagement returns to more active numbers.

These are just some ideas - what do you think would be a meaningful change to make if any?

This was originally posted on r/Cardano, so if you use reddit, it would be great to add a comment there

Also, it is under moderator review. So if you are a moderator of r/Cardano and could approve the post there it would be super sweet to talk reddit on reddit. Thanks fam!


Hello @NOODZ ,

Thank you very much for your contribution and your suggestion, which I find to be very good. We have a Community Digest that is created every two weeks, and I think it goes in a somewhat similar direction to what you have in mind.

I believe that if there are enough people from the community who collaborate and prepare something, it would be a good thing and would be well-received by everyone else.

I look forward to more suggestions and discussions in this thread.

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Heyo! Thanks for the response! That’s a great idea and am looking forward to hopefully seeing some cool improvements for r/Cardano in the near future :slight_smile: You can check this post on Reddit as well, where it has gotten a bit more feedback and conversation:

Appreciate your perspective and hope you have a great day! Thanks for stopping by Cardano Over Coffee today!

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