RECAP - Cardano Meetup in Taiwan(Feb.)

In this meetup, 90 ppl registered and joined in person, more than 50 ppl joined online!

Cardano Media Taiwan is a group that provides the latest info about Cardano in Mandarin. The core team members, Will Huang & Eric Tsai, are official Cardano ambassadors. This month, they have invited Astarter BD - Whitney & CryptoRaggies Founder - Arressaye to join as speakers to introduce their projects to the local community.

. Introduction of Astarter DeFi Hub - Whitney (Mandarin)

Astarter is a key DeFi infrastructure hub on Cardano with four core applications: Launchpad(ISPO & IDO), DEX, Money Market & Tech Service Platform. They provides fair, safe, and accessible open finance services on Cardano, developing decentralized finance applications for the Cardano ecosystem.

2. Introduction of CryptoRaggies - Arressaye (English)

CryptoRaggies was founded first and foremost as a project celebrating the love and companionship of the amazing ragdoll cat breed. At the same time, being real blockchain enthusiasts and Cardano fans, they added a touch of blockchain culture to the artwork, using them to pay tribute to the diversity of the community.

At the core, the team believes in fully harnessing the technological powers of NFTs which is a technology that goes far beyond just art. The stand is that art is merely one aspect where NFT technology can be applied to, but it is by no means all there is to NFTs. Therefore, throughout the life of this project they have, and will continue to, explore ways to expand the usecases of blockchain and NFT technology in a decentralised future.

3. Introduction of Cardan Proof of Stake - Eric Tsai (Mandarin)

Eric will introduce the mechanism of Cardano PoS. The technical side will also be included so as to let the local community get a basic understanding of the infrastructure. A guide of stake pool delegation will also be released.