Relentless Slide vs. BTC


Im clearly under the delusion that swimming in a sea of my blood is fun to. 10 cents would be great but this bitcoin slow whirlpool is butsville. However I still dont think the fiat price is going much lower. Wich kind of sucks cause I dont have a stack of bitcoin lying around. No more whining Im going to do some work, read book, breath some fresh air. I actually took the play portion of my stake off the exchange yesterday. Wherever the ship goes ill be relax on the deck somewhere.


Yeah its going to take time. When you see charts like that posted, nothing is going to go up, nothing can go up when people think it will go up. We need to see good post about people giving up on ADA, people having lost 90% or all of their investment, people thinking it will crash to 0, all that shit, then it starts being positive. I know this is counter-intuitive, but this is how it works. You gotta give it time. There are a lot of the early Japanese ICO holders that need to be flushed, that is why ADA might fall faster than some other coins because this is our first major correction…

I mean we are already starting to see some pain, just threads like this, so thats good… but there are still too much optimism in the air.


The number of coins doesnt help much either in my estimation. It means the average joe crypto buyer is going to look at it and say I dont see a big return there. But eventually the see shall rise.


Yeah - but it doesn’t change anything over the long term - the market always reaches fair-value


Agreed…Agreed…ill check the echange in a month …peace out


See ya in a month, we will have chat then! If you can stick to that haha… But also think about it… Even if ADA was 0.5 in a month? Does it change anything? It probably doesn’t. The timeline goes much further.


I agree but finding ways to take short and midrange profits in crypto is important because we dont where the timeline ends…i mean for BC itself glorious…but crypto theirs a whole flock of possible black swans. Anyways take care good sir. Keep up the good fight. Now i have to go make some bank so i can get myself some traxia

#251 this is exactly what I mean


doom and gloom for ya


Haha nice… We just need them in higher ratio.


great bearish TA by the way especially for bitcoin.

anyways seriously no more im out urgh


Haha… Yes I agree Bitcoin has had a lot of bearishness over time, and this is small compared to like mt gox crash and several others etc… and thats also why Bitcoin has been going up lately, people were too negative too fast… But that might turn around when people get positive… But it is that Bearishness that took Bitcoin to where it is today… ADA hasn’t had that yet, this is our first rinse cycle.

I also think the reason Bitcoin is more balanced in sentiment is due to it being the one everyone talks about - the only people who know ADA is the people who are already involved in the crypto-market… So they tend to see everything as much more optimistic which means there is a lot less risk priced into the market.


I just meant the actually T analsyst from the link has actually been very good espescially with bearish calls on bitcoin. His head and shoulders target on ADA also proved to be correct.


hope you miss me 88 :stuck_out_tongue:


The only thing about TA is it is impossible that it can work, any efficient/inefficiency in the market that would be presentable by TA would be arbitraged by bots, since TA is easily programmable as it is a technical and linear concept. Therefore TA by humans cant work, and even any inefficiency where TA actually works are already done by bots. Its basically Tarot card reading, and that can be proven with math, so Its not my opinion.

You can then ask, if it doesn’t work, why do people use it… Well Its like horoscopes… It works just like horoscopes.

Now things like order book, market depth, etc… These are different, that is not your regular TA… But they only have a short-term scope. This was a skill back in the early days of the stock market, called reading the tape - of course the market has become so efficient today, that there are only pennies to gain from it, so the bots have taken that job.

That does not mean you cant gain information from TA but that information is only to gain information from whoever are the ones who believe in TA… Like a 3d chess game… So you would have to combine it with some other form of edge to use it.


If you say so boss. His TA as guidline of thought on bitcoin price action has proved excellent. Because this market (and probably all markets) is sculpted by bots and whales and whale bots. And because as you as you said is designed to take amateur money. If you distance yourself from it you can see it. Anyways Im done. I stepping back from elephant if you think thats impossible to then please dont tell me why. Peace out


jb…you missed the point…I was replying to my own post that TRON was going to be negative 10 cents “soon”…and it went up 24%…that’s what I meant…read closely


Comparing Crypto in 2014 to Crypto in 2018 is not possible IMO.
Many, many new investors and overall the market is totally different and way faster.


Way faster yes, and many things different… but human emotion hasn’t changed, and this market is mostly emotions driven.


Well actually, the more people that are involved the slower the market is.