Tiago saying hi ! - Cardano Foundation Community Project Manager

Greetings citizens of planet Earth, and other sapient beings who may (or may not?) be monitoring us from afar!

My name is Tiago, and I recently joined the Cardano Foundation as the Community Project Manager.

My mission taking on this role is to curate and further develop the Ambassador Program, Community Project Funding initiatives and the Community Feedback Process.

Moreover, I will be assisting in developing our Spanish and Portuguese communities, along with numerous other Internal Operations duties that will further advance the Cardano ecosystem.

I was born in Bahia, Brazil, but come from a traditional Portuguese family. My youth was spent between Australia and Spain before moving back to Porto, in northern Portugal, the place I call home.

Here are a few fun facts about myself. The only continent I have not visited yet is Antarctica (do we have a community there?). My studies are in Clinical Neuropsychology and Audio Engineering. The first computer I interacted with was an Acorn Archimedes. In my spare time, I enjoy working out at the gym while listening to indie rock music. There is an ongoing rumor I even play in a band. I can neither confirm nor deny it. I am also practicing to become an amateur FPV Quad Racer.

I love being challenged to new gastronomic adventures, the stranger the better! Next in my list are Surströmming and the Carolina Reaper pepper. I have a passion for organic gardening and even grow my own veggies and fruits. My favorite fruit is a banana!

I am proud to be part of Cardano, as I deeply believe in the scientific method for delivering long-lasting innovation. I have worked in the blockchain industry since 2013 and it is a rare sight to see such a well thought out and methodical approach to coding. It is this mindset that already makes Cardano an industry leader and ensures it becomes future-proof.

I look forward to meeting everyone in our vibrant community, both online and offline!


Welcome @Tiago_CF, great to have you. :wave:

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@Tiago_CF Thanks for the intro. Welcome on board! Be careful with the reapers. It has been known to send its consumers to the emergency room. Lol! I love it. I think habanero is more flavorful. Good luck in your endeavors.


Yes! Those Reapers can be troublesome, but I’m not going to play hero like those youtubers you see around doing crazy stuff. Neither with Surströmming! Rather, learn how to properly taste them as they’re intended :wink:

We are happy to have you on board, Tiago!!

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Welcome @Tiago_CF, good to have you here!

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Welcome to the community @Tiago_CF great to have you! :cardano::wave:

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Amazing News!

Portugal is a great place for crypto, not only because taxes but also because we love technology! I am confident that with a couple of good Ambassadors, Cardano can be huge here.

Hope I can help too. Will get in touch soon with some cool ideas.

Thanks @Josh_Munday! It is great to be here! :wink:

Indeed! Hopefully Portugal can become a hub for blockchain innovation. It would be silly to miss this chance. I do see some action happening already in fintech and even industry. If we can raise awareness for Cardano, only good things will happen for sure.

I’d really love to hear from you, and your ideas @adapt!

Beautiful desert. You should put a check on this box. :penguin::whale:

It will be cool to colaborate with you!


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Aeee, felicitaciones!!! Não esquece de entrar no nosso grupo de Telegram aqui do Brasil!

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Welcome Tiago, I’m very pleased to see that you’ve joined the community and are on the forum :clap:t2:

I have been to Porto and enjoyed the Francesinha very much :+1:.

Good luck in your new position :+1:


Welcome @Tiago_CF! Good to have you and looking forward to collaborating! :slight_smile:

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Welcome onboard Tiago! Let us build the Cardano community together!

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Congratulations and welcome to the family. May Cardano have a bright future

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@DarfADA - I believe one day there will be a Francesinha joint in every major city in the world :muscle: :rofl:


Organic veggie farmer and blockchain aficionado! nice

@Cardano-420 It goes deeper than that actually. As a science geek I’ve done hydroponics to force myself into leaning all about macros and micro nutrient uptake, as well as plant cycles and learning about deficiencies and how to deal with them. Form there I got into organic and TLO

I was very close to opening a microgreens hobby-business once, as well as researching into aquaponics. This, I will eventually have some day! Fish & veggies working together! it is a beautiful concept! Something like this - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-z1kozprw8Y

Really interesting stuff! Aquaponics seems like an bbn incredible way to grow food sustainably